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Cohen Day 2 – 07.12.11 and 3rd Acupuncture Session

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It’s my 2nd Cohen diet day today. There’s a strong temptation to give up. My breakfast was okay but there’s this resentment building up. I painstakingly finished my lunch. If it’s any consolation, I’m beginning to like my snacks more than my main meals. I have to find a way to stay determined. I figured I should change meals tomorrow. So, instead of tuna, beef and chicken, I’ll be having eggs and shrimps 🙂

Here’s what I had today:

  • 6:30AM Meal 1 – tuna with cabbage + 1 Coke Light + 700ml water
  • 8AM – Acupuncture herbal tea
  • 9:30AM Snack 1 – Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance) + coffee allowance + 1/2 orange
  • 12NN Meal 2 – beef with cauliflower + 1 Coke Light + 700ml water + 1/2 orange + Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance)
  • 5PM Meal 3 – tofu + Pepsi Max
  • 6PM – Acupuncture herbal tea
  • 7:30PM Snack 2 – 1 whole orange + 700ml water

I missed my afternoon snack because I went to see Sr. Regina Liu for my 3rd acupuncture session. I’m a little low on water today as I consumed only 2 liters all in all. Gonna make up for it tomorrow.

Acupuncture’s just like our usual drill. A small chat to update Sr. Regina how I’m feeling, I showed her my tongue, and then my 20-30minute electro-acupuncture session.

By the way, Judy Ann Santos says she lost 26lbs already under the Cohen diet 🙂 That plus the other testimonials of people who lost so much weight under the program really inspire me. Can’t weight for my turn to flaunt how much weight I lost 🙂

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