Stuffed Prunes With Bacon

This is the first recipe installment for my entry to Foodbuzz’s 24×24 this November.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I just hosted a Thanksgiving dinner called “Beyond Turkey, A Modern Thanksgiving Dinner” where I served stuffed prunes with bacon as appetizer. Truth is, the dish wasn’t what I had in mind when I submitted my proposal. I really wanted to make Moules A La Mariniere. However, as soon as my proposal got accepted, we were placed on a Red Tide alert and eating shellfish such as clams and mussels became a big no-no. Goodbye Moules A La Mariniere then 😛

I didn’t realize that it may be a blessing in disguise to change the appetizer to stuffed prunes with bacon. It was an easy no-sweat dish, seriously. Best of all, it was hugely loved by my guests. Personally, I love the stuffed prunes because the flavors blended well together and no flavor overpowered the other. Sure, anything that’s sweet and salty at the same time is like a match made in heaven but this dish is something that hits the right spot.

Here’s the recipe for my version of Stuffed Prunes with Bacon. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make ’em!



  • 8 oz. block of cream cheese
  • pitted prunes
  • bacon slices

Preheat the oven to 400degrees F.

Get a block of cream cheese and divide it in 16 equal rectangular pieces. If you’re a sucker for cream cheese, you can divide the block into 12 although it will make the pieces fatter and it may be a little difficult to stuff them into the prunes. I divided the block into 16 and the size was just right.

You’ll need the same number of pitted prunes. Using a sharp knife, slit the prunes in half but don’t cut all the way through. Stuff the cream cheese in the middle like making a sandwich.

Next, grab a slice of bacon and wrap it all around the stuffed prune. Arrange the wrapped pieces in a baking pan with the open flap  at the bottom. By laying them this way, you won’t be needing to seal each piece with a toothpick.

Bake for 20-25 minutes but check your oven once in a while as the second time I made them, they were good to go after 18 minutes. What I suggest is that you take out the baking pan after 10 minutes to roll your stuffed prunes over, this time the open flap facing upward. This is to make sure that they’re cooked evenly and no part gets toasted badly. Check again after 5 minutes and temper for how long they’re still gonna stay inside the oven. Based on my experience, 18-20 minutes is fine.


For our Thanksgiving dinner, I paired the stuffed prunes with a 2009 Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, a refreshingly crisp white wine that offers citrus and tropical fruit flavors with aromatic notes of green chilies and gooseberries. I guess you can also pair this dish with a good Riesling.

So there ya go.

Three simple ingredients. Done in 20 minutes. And you got a great appetizer that is guaranteed to please your guests.

Enjoy! 🙂



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