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Cohen Day 1 – 07.11.11

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The race is on. Well, it’s technically not a race because I am only competing with myself. But I feel like I am racing against time towards reaching my target weight in less than 6 months. I want to reach it earlier so that I can move on to the “refeeding” stage of my diet plan 🙂

Today is my official start date for the Cohen diet and here’s what I had today:

  • 7AM Meal 1 – tuna with cabbage + 1 can Coke Light + 700ml water
  • 8AM Acupuncture herbal tea*
  • 930AM Snack 1 – Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance) + coffee allowance + 1/2 apple + 700ml water
  • 12NN Meal 2 – beef with cauliflower + 1 can Coke Light
  • 230PM Snack 2 – Skyflakes fit (cracker allowance) + coffee allowance + 700 ml water
  • 5PM Meal 3 – chicken with cucumbers + 1/2 apple + 700ml water
  • 6PM Acupuncture herbal tea*
  • 730PM Snack 3 – 1 medium orange + 250ml water

Some notes:

1) Got up at 5AM today and I’m feeling excited with the diet.

2) The herbal tea is prescribed by my acupuncturist and I have to take it 1 hour after breakfast and 1 hour after dinner. I’m allowed to drink non-flavored tea in the Cohen diet and this herbal tea fits that allowance.

3) A Skyflakes pack has three biscuits with three segments each. Two segments = 1 cracker serving. I’m allowed to have as much as 5 cracker servings or 10 segments per day.

4) In the first 10 days, I’m required to take 2 full servings of fruits per day. I had an apple and an orange today.

5) I can handle the diet pretty well until my afternoon snack at 2:30PM. After that, I feel “bothered.” I don’t know how to describe my mood or feelings but I just start to feel that there is something wrong. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but it’s like you’re looking for something that is not there and you don’t know how to fix it because you don’t exactly know what’s missing 😀 Weird huh. But I felt fine again after eating my third meal. My body must have been telling me that I’m really hungry but I chose not to listen to it 🙂

6) I was able to finish about 3L of water today. Hurray!

7) The list of meals and snacks above will most probably be the same for the next 9 days unless I get tired of the tuna or the beef or the chicken. In such a case, I’ll just post here which part of the meal I changed and what I changed it with 🙂

Til next post!

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