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Blogging 101: JanIsCooking, the Blogger and the Blog


Hello! You might be wondering why I am posting about who I am and why I blog in between several backlog entries. This is because I decided to join Blogging University. Just consider it as my way of pursuing further learning.

My name is Jan and I maintain this blog called Jan Is Cooking. I am a lawyer and I have been in this profession for 12 years now. I started blogging as a hobby way back in 2006 and have created a lot of blogs before but this is the only one that has stayed active for about 5 years now.

I figured that the reason why my previous blogs didn’t last long was because I was writing about topics that appealed to me momentarily but that I have outgrown them along the way. For example, I used to play World of Warcraft and I created a blog to talk mainly just about my warlock toon and then all of a sudden, I created a mage and blogging about it felt out of place.

On a side note, I still use my warlock’s name as my profile name here in WordPress. My warlock’s name is Han Ji Eun which is the character portrayed by Song Hye Kyo in my favorite Korean drama, Full House.

Jan Is Cooking has survived, I believe, because I talk about things that are close to my heart. Here, I talk about food which is my passion. It’s the main reason why I built this blog. Then the blog has expanded to not just talk about my love for the kitchen or my culinary adventures. It is now home to my posts on family travels and momhood bliss.

I blog not just to showcase what I do or what I discover. I blog because I want to share my experiences in the hope that others will pick up something from it. While this blog is rather small in terms of traffic, I still get a sense of satisfaction knowing that this blog is significant to other people because they find some of the information I post here very useful. Case in point is my recipe for Steamed Cream Dory and the series of my posts about Seoul.

Moving forward, I hope to blog regularly so that I can connect with more people. I hope to have more time for this hobby and also, to have more experiences so that I’ll have something substantial to write about.

So there goes my first post for Blogging 101. Cheers!

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