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Lia's Cakes

If Max’s is the house that chicken built, then Lia’s Cakes is the house that avocado built 😀 Man, that’s avocado right there! In a cake!!!

I don’t have enough words to describe it. It probably isn’t the best cake anyone would ever try but the cake itself is moist and flavorful and will sure make any avocado lover scream for joy. And for the non-avocado lovers, don’t worry. The best time to change your mind is now. The avocado flavor isn’t too strong, it won’t scare you away. I promise, it’s really good and there’s no better way to lose your avocado-virginity than to this sexy cake, baby! 😀

And what about purple yam? The last ube dessert I tried was my ube-wan-kenobi cupcake topped with coco-cream cheese frosting. Now, this one from Lia’s is another dessert that would make me jump up and down. It’s their ube cheesecake with, guess what, polvoron crust and topping! How I really wish I’m free to eat one whole slice. Nope, make that two slices 🙂 So good, I can have it with black coffee everyday.

They have other desserts too but our next targets would probably be their mango cheesecake and calamansi cake. And the best part is, all cakes are 30% off from 8PM onwards daily. Can’t get any better than that, ‘ey! Lia’s Cakes is just beside Mad Mark’s in Kapitolyo. Lezgow! 😀

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