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    Accidental “Me” Time

    So I went to the office today, stopped by Starbucks, and was refused entry because of the ongoing evacuation drill in the area. There’s a Starbucks at our office building and I grab my daily cup there before heading to work. I was shocked that I didn’t get any notice of the drill such that I wasn’t able to prepare for nor avoid it. I demanded that I be allowed to go to our office instead but the guards won’t let me. They escorted me away from our office building and towards Makati Shang. Okay, before I had Juancho, my rage meter would have skyrocketed already. But I was relatively…

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    Continental Breakfast for Hubby

    What’s your usual breakfast like? Breakfasts in my family are never light. When it’s a Filipino breakfast, our favorite is steamed rice with bagoong Batangas (anchovy sauce), calamansi (our local lime), daing na bangus (dried milk fish), and fried eggplants. And for dessert, we either have melons or bananas or papaya or mangoes. But when it comes to Continental breakfast, I’d say that French toasts with bacon and scrambled eggs top my list. We recently re-discovered tsokolate de batirol and found out that it pairs really well with our favorite Continental breakfast. Hence, let me show you what I made for my dear hubby as my way of giving thanks…

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    Puto Pandan With Salted Egg

    I will be honest with you. The first time I made these, I failed. Consider this post some sort of a revenge then πŸ™‚ Anyhow… You might be wondering what a Puto is. It is a steamed rice cake popular in the Philippines. It’s usually eaten as a dessert but Filipinos love to eat it for breakfast dipped into or paired with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate. Because it’s a rice cake, the main ingredient is really rice or rice flour. But since I don’t know how to handle that, I made use of all-purpose flour for this version. Traditionally, putos are white in color. Recently though,…

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    Cheese & Pesto Omelet

    I originally posted this on March 11, 2010 in YadaYadaYada. I heard from MB, an office friend, that she loved the pesto omelet she had in one of her visits to Boracay. I actually don’t have a picture of that dish in mind but I can already imagine the taste and flavor. Without researching on what to do or what the ingredients should be, I made my way to the kitchen to prepare my own version of Cheese & Pesto Omelet. This should be easy. And yummy. I thought of an ordinary pesto pasta and the kesong puti (goat cheese) pesto sandwich that we ordered in The Bread Bag. From…

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