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    Jeju Island Chocolates

    My friend Hyunchung and her sister Su, both from Seoul, are here in Manila for a short vacation. What’s cool is that prior to their visit, I have been in constant communication with Hyunchung because I am going to Seoul in March this year and I will stay at their guesthouse. I haven’t been there but based on the comments of people, I’m convinced that their guesthouse is the best choice for me. It’s a pretty house located in the heart of Seoul and is just about a 5-10min walking distance to most of the historical places any tourist would wanna visit. If ever you are going to Seoul and…

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    It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right: Same Batter, Two Cupcakes ~ Chocolate and Ube

    So, I got this recipe for a chiffon cake from my weekend basic cake and cake decoration class and I used that to make cupcakes. I was hoping I could make a real cake today with icing and all the works but my plan didn’t push through. There’s always a next time for that though. Meantime, I made gorgeous cupcakes today using, as I said, the chiffon cake recipe I recently learned. The cupcakes were moist, soft and really flavorful. I am so excited to try out the other variations and there are tons of them! So, using the same basic cake batter and egg white mixture, I created two…

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    Tsokolate De Batirol

    Who doesn’t love chocolates? We love it in whatever form it comes from. We’ve seen how versatile chocolates are because we use them not only for desserts but for any type of dish actually. In fact, if you haven’t heard about chocolates with bacon, well, welcome to earth! Some people have  even gotten so creative that they conceptualized and put up restaurants that serve all types of dishes using chocolates (Chocolate Fire for instance, which I shall write about in a future post). However, at this age where we’ve become so advanced and creativity on chocolates has been raised to a higher level, wouldn’t it be nice to re-visit tradition…

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    Chocolate Brownie Raspberry Trifle

    This is my last recipe installment for my entry to Foodbuzz’s 24×24 this month. In my Thanksgiving dinner called “Beyond Turkey, A Modern Thanksgiving Dinner,” I decided to serve a trifle in lieu of the traditional pie for dessert. This was actually inspired by the recipe for Raspberry, White Chocolate and Almond Trifle from Epicurious.com. However, instead of using white chocolates and almonds, I went towards the direction of dark chocolate brownies. I wanted the richness of dark chocolates to blend with the sweet tangy flavor of the raspberry sauce. This dessert also has a sweet and smooth finish every bite because of the luscious vanilla pudding and cream topping.…

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    Askinosie Chocolate

    This is not a review of Askinosie Chocolate. I hope this would be one but nope, I haven’t tried it. I am DREAMING to try it and hopefully soon enough, I would (this December, I hope… dear Sister, please read this). These are the reasons why I’m writing about it: 1. I’ve always wondered (and really amazed at that) about the connection between lawyers and food. Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Springfield, Missouri. The founder is Shawn Askinosie, a criminal defense lawyer!  2. There is a Filipino pride involved. Shawn sources his chocolates from Soconusco, Mexico, San Jose del Tambo Ecuador, and… Filipinos brace yourselves……

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