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    Cold Pickled Melons and Pears

    This is my official entry to PinoyFoodista’s March Cooking Challenge, the theme of which is “Summer Spree, the flavors of Summer.” It’s funny that it’s Spring at the other side of the globe but here in the Philippines, we’re already welcoming Summer ๐Ÿ™‚ For this Challenge, we’re asked to create any dish that reminds us of summer be it an appetizer, a salad, main course, dessert or beverage. I’m thinking of a unique way to attack melons and I suddenly thoughtย  about Momofuku’s pickled fruits. Because the pickled fruits are served cold and were said to have a great snap when eaten, I figured they might be my best option…

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    Strawberry-Banana Nutella & PBJ Panini

    Hubby has been supportive enough to join PinoyFoodista ‘s February Cooking Challenge, Strawberries in a Sandwich knowing how much work my friend Pia and I put into it ๐Ÿ™‚ He had this idea of a sweet strawberry sandwich combining his favorites and of course, I helped him with the preps and assembly. He loves bananas with Nutella, and strawberries with peanut butter and he had this great idea of combining all of these in a sandwich. At first I’m a bit worried at how things will come out but in the end, I loved every last crumb of his sandwich. It’s so good and easy to make, anyone who loves…

  • Burgers & Sandwiches,  PinoyFoodista

    Triple Decker Strawberry Chicken Club Sandwich

    This is my entry to PinoyFoodista ‘s February Cooking Challenge, Strawberries in a Sandwich. PinoyFoodista hosts monthly cooking challenges where the monthly winner gets a prize from PinoyFoodista. PinoyFoodista Cooking Challenge is open to anyone but only Metro Manila residents are entitled to take home the prize. Those from outside Metro Manila (or the Philippines) may still win and they will still be given a feature spread in PinoyFoodista.com, but if they want to claim the prize, they should name a Metro Manila resident as their prize “beneficiary” ๐Ÿ™‚ This month, PinoyFoodista partners with Monsees Cafe and the winner of the Strawberries in a Sandwich Challenge shall be entitled to…

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    Old Bay Shrimp Salad

    This is the second of my two entries for Pinoy Foodista Cooking Challenge for January 2011. The first one is my Chicken Adobo Salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette. I’ve always wanted to use the Old Bay Seasoning given by Mindy for my first Foodie Exchange. And there’s no better way to use it than with shrimps. Hence, my very simple version of the Old Bay Shrimp Salad.

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    PinoyFoodista Cooking Challenge

    At the start of the year, my friend Pia and I created PinoyFoodista.com. We envision it to become the biggest online aggregation of Pinoy Foodistas from all parts of the world. At the current state of things in Manila, we only have something like permutations of an online forum where people throw questions like “where can I find the best goto in Manila?” or “where can I find fresh arugula in Manila?” What we would like to ultimately achieve is to create the biggest online community of foodies where we get to exchange recipes, food discoveries, restaurant reviews, and everything related to food. Like allย  things food in one place.…

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