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    Of Cookbooks & Momofuku Steamed Pork Buns

    Hey friends! It’s been a while since my last post. Thing is, last week was my birthday week and I’m also busy preparing for a huge party this coming Saturday for hubby’s birthday. Yup, March is our birthday month and I’m struggling to find time to cook something for this blog. Anyhow, one of the presents I got from hubby for my birthday is the Momofuku cookbook by David Chang! I’ve always wanted to have one and I was literally close to getting one from Amazon. Perfect timing 🙂 I got my Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table last December from my sister and thought a David Chang and Thomas…

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    Humba (Filipino Braised Pork Belly)

    Humba or the Filipino version of braised pork belly is a household favorite. It resembles adobo but it’s sweeter. Traditionally, Humba makes use of black beans and there are even some versions that use banana blossom. I didn’t use either in my version but I retained saba or cardava bananas. Here’s my recipe for what I like to call “crispy” Humba:

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    Spicy Minced Pork With Eggplants

    Whenever I go to Chinese restaurants, one of the dishes that I love to order is Spicy Szechuan Eggplant or eggplants with minced pork. Most of the time, I end up with Lemon Chicken because my companions either don’t like eggplants or they like sweet and tangy better. I haven’t tried making this dish at home before although I have a fair idea of how I should make it. It shouldn’t be so hard because I only have pork and eggplants as main ingredients. Recently, I came across a recipe called Ground Pork and Diced Eggplants which is really interesting because it uses three kinds of sauces. Patterned from it…

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    Tasty Tuesday: Pork and Shrimp Dumplings

    In my last post, I told you about this wedding gift that we didn’t open until now. It’s a 20-piece cookware set and the one item I loved the most from the set is the steamer. I have always wanted to cook steamed food but the only steamer I have at home is that single layer steamer which is actually just an accessory to a rice cooker. The old steamer works but this new one is a lot better 🙂 The very first dish I made from the new steamer is a steamed favorite: Pork and Shrimp Dumplings.           I have never made dumplings before and…

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    Bagnet Ensalada (Crackling Pork Salad)

    I know, I know, this doesn’t look like a salad and you’re probably yelling “I WANT RICE!” Just allow me to make use of crackling pork in a salad this one time 🙂 Will make you feel less guilty, promise! Bagnet (crackling pork) is a famous dish from the Ilocos province which is served with bagoong. I used bagnet as the main ingredient for my salad for this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24. As I said in my Meal.Teal.It’s A Deal! post, I mixed crackling pork with mustard leaves and tomatoes and served it with a special bagoong Balayan, a special fermented fish paste that borders on the flavors of anchovy sauce.…

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    Grilled Chops with Barbecue Peanut Sauce

    Do you notice how much we love barbecue in our household? 😀 Anyways, if it’s not that obvious yet, I hope this post will open your eyes to that fact. For lunch today, I prepared Grilled Chops with Barbecue Peanut Sauce and I served it with  fresh tomato salsa and java rice. Boy, it was damn heavy but an overall wonderful lunch.

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    Half-Baked Half-Grilled Pork Bellies w/ Coca Cola Barbie Sauce

    I always celebrate my sister’s birthday even if we’re far apart (she’s in the US and I’m here in Manila). That’s been a tradition in the family. We celebrate birthdays even of deceased relatives, believe me. It’s not like we’re throwing a huge party or something. Typically, we just prepare pasta/noodles and meat dishes and a dessert. Sometimes, we just dine out if we’re too tired to cook at home. It’s more actually of the thought that counts and it’s our way of saying that, we may be miles apart, but we remember you on your special day and we’ll keep it special in our own way. Filipino-style spaghetti (tomato-based…

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    How To Cook Guisadong Labanos

    *I originally posted this on March 4, 2010 in YadaYadaYada. I was craving for cold watermelon today… it’s so hot outside! Anyways, as our helper went to Robinson’s to buy watermelon, I was left at home to prepare dinner. I know most of you don’t like labanos or radish. I didn’t like it at first too. But you know, they say that as you get older mature, you begin to like food that you didn’t like before For those of you who like radish, this is a fairly simple dish you can try at home. Good thing my camera was downstairs, I was able to take pictures while I cooked.…

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    Binagoongang Baboy

    I originally posted this on February 4, 2010 in YadaYadaYada. Someone told me that the binagoongang baboy (pork with shrimp paste) at Milky Way is good. I went there and tried it and realized that it really is good. That was when I decided to make this dish on my own, with Milky Way’s version as my inspiration First time I cooked this was in March of 2009. That was when my mom was in the hospital for two weeks and since my dad can’t eat hospital food, I volunteered to cook and bring him food. At that very same day I brought this to the hospital, my aunts were…

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