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    Chicken Fillet Inasal

    As I mentioned in my Myriad Monday #2 post, today’s our Diet Day 1 😛 Since we’re not technically following a program but are just eliminating rice and cutting down on sugars and sodium, we’re still free to eat what we want as long as it’s a balanced healthy meal. For dinner tonight, I made chicken fillet inasal (grilled chicken with light anatto oil) and I served it with salad greens with strawberry vinaigrette, light cheddar melt on button potatoes, and seedless grapes. It’s a  balanced healthy meal 🙂 And don’t worry! I had dinner before 6pm. That’s at least 5 hours away from the time I’m gonna hit the…

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    Baked Chicken Adobo

    This is my fourth installment for the recipes for my Filipino-inspired Foodbuzz 24×24 lunch. In my Meal.Teal.It’s a Deal! post, I mentioned that there was nothing else that came to mind when I had to write down the main dish for my proposal. I thought of nothing else but the classic Filipino dish, adobo. There are debates on whether adobo is our unifying dish when it comes to propagating Filipino cuisine to the Amercian mainstream because there are just way too many versions and we can’t trace exactly which is the authentic one. What I do believe though is that regardless of the number of versions out there, or that…

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    General Tso’s Chicken

    I’m a fan of Chinese food and most Chinese take-outs carry this General Tso’s chicken dish. The one place I usually order this dish is in Recipes in Greenbelt. And I have always wondered who the hell is General Tso and why, for the love of chicken, is his name part of this famous dish! 😛 Let me share with you something that I found from Chinese FOODDIY: General Tso Tsungtang, or as his name is spelled in modern Pinyin, Zuo Zongtang, was born on Nov. 10, 1812, and died on Sept. 5, 1885. He was a frighteningly gifted military leader during the waning of the Qing dynasty, a figure…

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    Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken

    Whew, long recipe title 😛 I’m really excited to share this recipe with you. Really. Stoked to share it. This is the chicken that we had for dinner tonight along with the spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce. Have to tell you that it’s probably the best dinner I’ve had recently. And with dinners like that, how can you ever go on a diet? Let the photo speak for itself. *Drum roll*

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    Southern Style Buffalo Chicken Wings

    This is probably the dish that I’m most happy about for our mid-afternoon office party. It was a surprise to my friends to find out that I’m cooking. It was more of a shock for them to actually see the dish. But, as big as a bear’s butt, it has exceeded their expectations to be finally able to taste my buffalo chicken wings. Our boss loved the chicken wings so much that he was even, well sorta, giving me a hint that I should open up a resto only to sell chicken wings 😀 Dear hubby loved it so much as well and he has given a name for that…

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    Kotopoulo Lemonato

    I originally posted this on June 6, 2010 in YadaYadaYada. Hubby and I went out today to hunt for a new car to buy. We had been very busy since we got back from the States and we got some plans that didn’t push through. We haven’t eaten in Dampa and Cyma for a very long time and we planned to eat there soon. Despite the heat and exhaustion, we drove to Dampa in Ortigas Home Depot for a very late lunch (3PM yikes). Plan 1 accomplished. And for dinner, although we didn’t get to go out to eat at Cyma, I decided to feed hubby his most favorite dish…

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