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    It's All About Tea at Chatime!

    Yesterday (June 12) was Independence Day here in the Philippines and there’s massive sale throughout different malls! Good thing hubby and I started early by attending Mass in SM Megamall (it’s a televised healing mass apparently) and because we’re early, we didn’t have problems with parking. Hurray! 😛 So after I got my credit card-swiping binge fixed, we headed to Pioneer Center, a grocery store near our place, and discovered something really cool. It’s a place that’s completely about tea and it’s called Chatime 🙂 Chatime opened its first Philippine outlet of the famous Taiwanese pop milk tea chain last February in Quezon City near Banawe. Their branch in Pioneer Center…

  • Hong Kong,  Macau,  Resto Review

    Hong Kong Again! New Discoveries in Hong Kong & Macau.

    Hello friends! I know I keep telling this every time I post but I swear, I am so swamped lately. Anyhoo, I managed to squeeze in a weekend for an out of the country trip and guess where! Of course, Hong Kong! If you remember, I was in Hong Kong for a post-Christmas trip with my in-laws last December. Last weekend, I went back to Hong Kong but this time with my hubby, my parents who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, and my cousins. I love discovering things in Hong Kong and that is why I love to go there at least twice a year. Some friends would react, “HK…

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    Opa! Finally, A Post About CYMA!

    Finally, after years of loving this Greek resto in Manila, I’m now posting about it! 🙂 Thing is, I always forget to take photos before we start eating the food. Thus, during our last visit to Cyma, I made it a point to hold everyone’s horses so that I can take some neat photos of everything we got.  

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    Bubble Tea Manila

    This is now officially one of my favorite “happy” places in Metro Manila. I think everything in this place will just make anyone feel happy… from the interiors, to the murals, to the Honeybee pastry display, to their food. I’m talking about Bubble Tea Manila in Wilson St., Greenhills.

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    Monsees Cafe

    Moonsee’s Chefs and Bakers, now Monsees Cafe in White Plains, Quezon City, is owned and operated by a fellow lawyer and friend, Marina, who has a passion for baking and good food. Despite being a lawyer, she still pursued a course in bakery and pastry arts at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). When asked if she misses lawyering, she told me that instead, she’s thinking that she should have done this (Monsees) a long time ago. *idol!* I really admire people like Marina and I’m hoping that one day, I’d get to say I don’t need to be a lawyer because I’m already doing what I love…

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    Anniversary Lunch @ Marcia Adams

    This is a long overdue post and was meant to be published last January 7, our wedding anniversary 🙁 *sniff* so bad at dealing with backlog posts. Anyhoo, I still think it’s worth posting about this quaint little restaurant hidden in Tagaytay for the benefit of those who want to experience something new in the summer capital of the Philippines in Southern Tagalog 🙂 I’ve read about Marcia Adams Restaurant a little more than a year ago and but I always end up leisurely spending time in Tagaytay Highlands rather than actually going there. Thus, I took our 5th anniversary as an opportunity to go to Marcia Adams and treat hubby to…

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    Super Bowl Dim Sum Platter

    Ever since I went to this Dim Sum place in Washington D.C. called Ping Pong Dim Sum, I never looked at dim sums the same way again 😀 Before, as between dim sum and an entree that will go well with Yang Chow fried rice, I’d go for the entree. That’s my “filter” for Chinese restaurants. Always, it has to be some dish that will go well with rice. Heck, I am a rice eater! 😛 I usually don’t look at the guys who go around with dim sum carts. After my Ping Pong experience though, I always found myself craving for dim sum. I didn’t realize how much fun…

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    Chicken + Baboy = Chic-Boy :D

    Looking for a very affordable dinner? My office friend CherieL said they (GY shift officemates) went to Chic-Boy last night. She recommended that I try it because according to her, food in Chic-Boy’s very affordable. Some eight hours and a bajillion meetings later, I went to Chic-Boy with hubby for dinner. I didn’t expect that there would be many people in Chic-Boy or in Jupiter Street. I lived near Jupiter before and my law school was about about a hundred cartwheels away from it. That means I’ve seen the rise and fall of restaurants along Jupiter. I’m glad to see that restaurant businesses there are picking up again.

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