• Salad

    Momofuku's Cherry Tomato Salad

    According to the book, Jean-Georges Vongerichten considers this dish as the best dish David Chang has ever come up with. That was a big remark coming from such a great man and it made me wonder what this salad is all about. This is the very first dish I served for my FB24x24 Momofuku dinner. David Chang’s team used tofu which basically could do what a mozzarella does in a traditional caprese salad, i.e., to moderate the acidity of the tomatoes and give some creaminess to the dish. The recipe also calls for Shiso or Japanese mint. Shiso and basil are like long-lost relatives in that they are both minty.…

  • Fish/Seafood,  PinoyFoodista,  Salad

    Old Bay Shrimp Salad

    This is the second of my two entries for Pinoy Foodista Cooking Challenge for January 2011. The first one is my Chicken Adobo Salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette. I’ve always wanted to use the Old Bay Seasoning given by Mindy for my first Foodie Exchange. And there’s no better way to use it than with shrimps. Hence, my very simple version of the Old Bay Shrimp Salad.

  • Cooking Challenge,  Salad

    Chicken Adobo Salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette

    This is the first of my two official entries to PinoyFoodista Cooking Challenge. I created PinoyFoodista with my friend Pia to unite all Pinoy foodies in one place and to introduce Filipino food to all foodies from different parts of the world. We’d like to show everyone that Filipino food is actually more than just a classic Chicken Adobo. Then again, Chicken Adobo is really our signature dish. And that’s why I thought of using it in one of my salad entries to this month’s PinoyFoodista Cooking Challenge. It is a monthly online cooking challenge where we create dishes following a specific theme and then submit them to PinoyFoodista for…

  • Fish/Seafood,  Salad

    Blackened Tilipia Fillet w/ Cucumber-Tomato Salad

    It’s hard to find frozen fillets in a country where people love fish heads more than the fish meat. I didn’t know that we sell tilapia fillets here until early this week when I dropped by at SM Hypermart. And so, I decided to get a pack and cook something from it. I have made crispy tilapia with soy vinegar sauce and sweet and sour tilapia before and  it’s been a while since I last made something from my blackening spices. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put blackening spices on tilapia fillets since I have already used it on salmon and chicken before. And to counter the rich flavor…

  • Pork,  Salad

    Bagnet Ensalada (Crackling Pork Salad)

    I know, I know, this doesn’t look like a salad and you’re probably yelling “I WANT RICE!” Just allow me to make use of crackling pork in a salad this one time 🙂 Will make you feel less guilty, promise! Bagnet (crackling pork) is a famous dish from the Ilocos province which is served with bagoong. I used bagnet as the main ingredient for my salad for this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24. As I said in my Meal.Teal.It’s A Deal! post, I mixed crackling pork with mustard leaves and tomatoes and served it with a special bagoong Balayan, a special fermented fish paste that borders on the flavors of anchovy sauce.…

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