• Soups

    Chicken Macaroni Soup

    We just experienced Typhoon Egay a couple days ago and we’re now facing another one by the name of Typhoon Falcon. Classes have been suspended and some areas have already been flooded. Metro Manila is not spared at all. In fact, here in our place, it’s been raining hard. I probably haven’t told you that I’m afraid of the howling sound of the wind. So just go figure how scared I am when it thunders. And as of this writing, I’m alone in my room, waiting for hubby to arrive 🙁 Good thing there are a couple of things that grab my attention and some happy thoughts are here to…

  • Soups

    Clam and Ginger Soup

    I was always amazed at how great cooks can come up with something really nice from very limited ingredients. Take the case of the Lemon Pie that I lifted from The Pioneer Woman. With just eggs, condensed milk, butter, sugar and Graham crumbs, I was in for a very wonderful treat. And in the case of the Clam Soup that I prepared for my Filipino-inspired lunch for this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24, I also had very limited ingredients but was surprised to come up with something wonderfully warm and hearty 🙂 As I mentioned in my Meal. Teal. It’s a Deal! post, blenders became household fixtures at a very much later…

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