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    Walking Around Myeongdong and Shopping in Daiso!

    When it comes to staying in Seoul, I always prefer to stay in Myeongdong. My favorite guesthouse is Myeongdong MOM House because it’s super accessible and near the subway. It may not be the best out there but because I am so familiar with it and those around it, I always gravitate towards this guesthouse. In this video, you’ll be able to see exactly how near Myeongdong MOM House is to the subway station and the famous shopping streets of Myeongdong. Plus, it’s less than a 5-minute walk to the biggest Daiso store I’ve been to, and so you’ll also be able to see what’s inside Daiso in this video.…

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    Where to Stay in Seoul: SAMCHEONG-DONG / BUKCHON

    This is the second location for my Where to Stay in Seoul series. The first location I wrote about was Myeongdong and you can read it here. As most of you know, Myeongdong is the ideal place for tourists specially those who are into shopping and street food. And even if that’s not your thing, it is still a good location to be at because if you have nothing to do in the evening, you can just cross over to the shopping streets and find yourself entertained by how busy that area is. Now moving on to this post, you may ask “Where is Samcheong-dong?” or “What’s there to see…

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    Where to Stay in Seoul: MYEONGDONG

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to stay in Seoul. The thing is, there are many districts and neighborhoods in Seoul and each has its own charm. There is no single best place to stay at because there are many good options out there and the answer to the question really depends upon where you will stay, what you will do in Seoul, and how much is your budget. I am going to do a series on this topic but I will only cover, in the meantime, the areas of Myeongdong, Samcheongdong, Hongdae, and Gangnam in Seoul, and Nampo and Seomyeon in Busan. And my series will…

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