Cohen Diet

3rd Month Cohen Diet Report

Woot! Another 7.6lbs lost this month!

Also met a law school friend (hubby’s office mate before) at the lab today and she mentioned about the Cohen Lifestyle Centre forum page. I guess I’ll be joining the group then. Anyhow, I’m really glad to know that some friends are also in the program and are actually losing weight while on it.

The diet is really on the pricey side and the initial outlay still doesn’t cover the monthly blood tests. But imagine like 26.6 lbs in 3 months! That’s the best freakin’ way to spend money which could otherwise have been spent on a Louis Vuitton/Prada/Mulberry bag! The bag can wait until Christmas anyway. But the weight loss… hah, it’s awesome, it’s unbelievable.

I still do sometimes convince myself that I am indeed losing weight because I never lost this much weight in three months before. But I guess the clothes can tell. I’m two sizes off on tops and pants and I look funny wearing my old clothes. When I see how much adjustment I have to make on my old pants just so that they won’t fall down, I’m convinced (and oh yes, safety pins are my best friends these days!) 🙂

Just a little observation about buying new clothes.

I got some new ones before I joined the Cohen program and they grew big on me by the 2nd week. After a month, I got another set of new clothes and they’re no longer a good fit by the 2nd month. And it’s not just a month by month thing. I can actually feel that the clothes I wore a week ago are bigger on me now. It’s kinda like a weekly improvement or something.

So what should I do? I can’t buy new clothes every week. And even if I buy new ones weekly, I still won’t be able to use them for a long time. Here’s what I do. In  my case, my favorite office blouses are from Marks & Spencer, Promod and Debenhams and they’re not cheap so when I do buy from any of their stores, I get one size less than what I currently fit into. That gives me like a month or two to enjoy them. And for everyday/weekend blouses, I go with my current size because they’re cheaper and I don’t mind leaving them behind fast.

What do I do with the big clothes? I keep them. Who knows I might get pregnant in the near future, I have enough to keep me covered. Plus, they remind me of my old size and they kinda motivate me to do well with the diet. I know I’ll find some use for them someday, or maybe I can donate them, but in the meantime I’m still keeping them with me.

For Cohen dieters out there, please share your experiences too. I’m excited to listen 🙂


I was interviewed for a fashion magazine that’s coming out sometime in November-December. In case it really gets published, I’ll update you about that.


  • Ann

    Hi Jan,
    nice weight loss.
    I’m also planning to enroll on this Cohen
    Program here in Singapore.
    My Ob advised me to take this diet
    since I have a Pcos due to hormonal imbalance.
    Do you have a child now? Did the Cohen diet
    help you to conceive?

    • janiscooking

      Hi Ann, thanks! I’m actually 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I believe [and my OB also said so] that the diet helped me conceive. I don’t know if you’ve read about it but Dr. Cohen is a fertility expert and he formulated the diet not only to help people to lose weight but to correct hormonal imbalance. If I remember it correctly, I started having a regular monthly period since October 2011. I started the diet in July 27, had a period in August, skipped September, and then had a regular monthly period beginning October. That was already something huge for me especially that I’ve been battling with PCOS since 15 years old and in my case, that problem was corrected within 3 months of being in the Cohen diet. And of course, the best part of it all is that I got pregnant this June even if I’m already out of the program 🙂 Good luck to you! I’ve heard a lot of fertility success stories from people who did the Cohen diet program 🙂

      • Ann

        Hello Jan,
        Good Day!
        Congrats! Yeah I’ve read about a brief background of Doctor Cohen. Good thing I found your blog it motivates me or make me decide to pursue this. It’s been a year since you posted this entry. How long did you stay on this diet? If I am not mistaken, the program is good for 6 months only. Is it correct? I just had D & C last month because of the thick endomentrium lining that’s why I’m very eager to know if the Cohen Diet is worth trying. I’m already 26, married for 1 year and 7 months. I want to have a child before 2013 ends. (“,)

  • leavelayo

    Hi, just enrolled and had my blood test already so I am just waiting for my diet. I’ve been obese since I was a kid and have tried lots of diet fads, pills etc. My husband and I have also been trying for a baby for the last 3 yrs. Anyway, thank you for your blogs it somehow is an eye opener for me that I made the right decision to invest on Cohen’s Lifestyle change.

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