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Pre-Cohen Diet Day 1 – 07.07.11

As I’ve told you in my other post, I enrolled with Cohen’s Diet. Based on my initial blood exam and consultation, they’ve set my target weight and to help me achieve that, they provided me with my personalized eating plan. The entire plan is copyrighted and because I respect intellectual property, please do not expect that I will post about the details of the plan here. Besides, it’s a personalized plan made just for me based on my blood test. So instead, I’ll just be giving a broad idea of what the diet is about and how I am faring with my personalized plan. Some of you might find it useful in case you decide to join the diet in the future.

Other diets I’ve tried

Some friends asked me why I joined Cohen’s Diet and if I have tried other diets in the past. I never tried Atkins nor South Beach so this is technically the first official diet I’m trying. But it doesn’t mean I have never tried other weight-loss stuff before. I tried Herbalife and bought a whole gamut of weight-loss products from them. Well, I just opted to get my money back 😛

I also remember trying Bangkok pills before. They’re nasty stuff I tell yah (my jaws were locking as I sleep probably because of the phenteramine and fenfluramine components) but I did try them and had a dramatic weight loss, about 20 lbs in two months without exercise. Just a word of caution though, there’s a huge payback once you stop. And when it’s payback time, the weight comes back FAST and about 10-15lbs MORE.

I also tried a couple of Chinese weight-loss herbs (Lightness is one of the names I remember). Same drill, you lose some, you gain more. Now, some people are raving about the slimming coffee from Brazil. I haven’t tried it but based on experience, I could say that I will probably just experience the same thing.

While these pills worked, they only had a superficial effect. They only offer short-lived solutions. Real diets are driven by a commitment to change and that’s the only time it will work. No pain, no gain as they say. For a change, I am willing to commit this time and I’m praying for strength to maintain a consistent positive attitude about it 🙂

I’m doing this diet for good health and also to help me prepare for our pregnancy workup in the future… Well that and the gorgeous clothes I found at Horizon Plaza that couldn’t fit me. Hello clothes, I’ll meet you again in December!

I don’t have a regular physical activity

Some friends also asked if I am into any physical activity. To be honest, nope, I’m not into any regular physical activity except only when I don’t feel lazy working out on a stepper at home. But tell you what, I enjoy badminton, boxing, and… you wouldn’t believe it… dancing! 🙂 I remember enrolling into some hip-hop classes while I was in the law firm before (was even tempted to learn tap dancing!) because they’re fun. As soon as I get the clearance from my Cohen consultants that I can do badminton, boxing or dancing, I’m gonna do them again.

I haven’t started on the Cohen’s Diet yet

So, some of you might now ask if I have started on the diet. Not yet. My official start date is on July 11 and that means I have about 4 days left to enjoy… well, actually 3 because my mom’s birthday is on Sunday and the whole family’s gonna eat out 😛 Some have been on a frenzy buffet-binge knowing that their time to enjoy those stuff is gonna be up soon. I, on the other hand, figured I should prepare for it.

This is why I am coming up with my self-imposed Pre-Cohen Diet 😛 I am going to simulate my diet plan but not strictly. I want my body to be somehow ready for it because as I have been advised, it is some major change.

What are my do’s and dont’s? Generally —

  • I have to follow my plan completely, as in 100%. I agree to that. A diet is as good as the effort you put into it.
  • I’m allowed to have three major meals a day with specified time intervals.
  • I’m allowed to have snacks also with specified time intervals.
  • I can eat beef, veal, chicken, turkey, shrimps, tuna, prawns, crabs, calamari 🙂 Yeay!… But in limited quantities. Aww 🙁 *hehe*
  • I can eat specified fruits and vegetables also in limited quantities.
  • I can’t have any other source of carbohydrates but crispbreads.
  • I can have Coke Zero or Coke Light up to 1 liter a day! 🙂
  • I can have black coffee up to 3 cups a day! 🙂
  • I have to drink 2-3 liters of water everyday.

Pre-Cohen Day 1

And here’s what I ate for my pre-Cohen diet Day 1:

  • 7:00 AM – Meal 1: egg and mushroom omelet + Coke Light + 250ml water
  • 8:00 AM – Acupuncture herbal tea
  • 9:30 AM – Snack 1: coffee with Splenda and Skyflakes fit + 250ml water
  • 12:00 PM – Meal 2: lean beef and cauliflower in balsamic vinegar + Coke Light + 250ml water
  • 2:30 PM – Snack 2: coffee with Splenda and Skyflakes fit + 250ml water

Oh wait…. I stopped following the program right there 🙁 *cry I’m so bad and I feel guilty*

I went to watch Varekai (Cirque du Soleil) yesterday and I pigged out with hubby.

LESSON Learned: I am only strictly managing my diet but not my regular activities. There will be days when I have to go out with hubby to watch a movie or something, or I will catch up with friends over coffee. However, I should never ever ever put the diet on hold just to accommodate my activities. It has to be the other way around. My activities have to accommodate my diet. Thus, I shall bring with me my prepared food everywhere I go.

I know it’s easier said than done but I will give it my bestest 😛


  • manette

    Hi. As i was browsing thru the net for some cohen info, i came across your pages. And after looking at some of the pictures, i said “parang kilala kita”. You look familiar. If i’m not mistaken, i think i saw you at Dr. Manalo’s clinic. Hehe.
    Btw, nice blogs. Very informative. I’m esp interested in the cohen pages because I’ll be attending the information session weeks from now.
    Hoping to read more cohen updates. Tc!

    • janiscooking

      Hi Manette, next time we meet at Dr. Manalo’s clinic, please say hi 🙂 Good luck with your Cohen journey! Like any other diet, it’s as good as what you put into it. I’ve been pretty focused on my first 2-3 months and that’s where most of the weight loss happened. After that, I’ve been cheating a lot but I somehow still manage to lose weight but not much 🙁 At least it’s a promising sign hehe. Good luck again!

  • Ria Santos

    Hi! Thank you for blogging about Cohen diet! I’m on my 3rd month (actually almost half na lang), and 3 more months to go!! I still have 35 lbs to lose. I’ve had a lot of deviations last month that caused the slow weight loss. Just want to know if you were able to reach your refeeding?:)
    Thanks a lot again!!!:)

    • janiscooking

      hi rach! i didn’t meet my target weight and wasn’t able to reach the refeeding phase. however, i managed to lose 32 lbs in 6 months (july-december 2011). was able to keep the weight and lost a couple more, say about 4-5lbs from january-may 2012, but i’m expecting i’ll get them back because i’m preggy 🙂

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