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Blueberry Cheesecake Shots & Banana Cream Pie

For this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24 (see my Meal. Teal. It’s a Deal! post), I had Filipino-inspired dishes from the appetizers all the way down to the main dish. For desserts though, it was tough for me to come up with something Filipino because what came to mind were desserts made of rice/rice flour.

I happened to have some shotglasses and thought it would be pretty to put blueberry cheesecake in them. Not totally Filipino-inspired but something that we Filipinos do love 🙂


I just Googled up a blueberry cheesecake recipe and served it in shotglasses. Dainty, aren’t they?

blueberry cheesecake shots

I also prepared Banana Cream Pie. This is something I have done before. You can see the recipe here.

banana cream pie in a huge trifle bowl

Initially, I intended to make banana fritters with purple yam filling and serve it a la mode with a drizzle of homemade creamy caramel sauce. However, I could not find any good purple yam to go with the bananas. I simply changed it then to banana cream pie. To add a touch of something Filipino, I used Lucban Broas (local lady fingers). I assembled the banana cream pie in my huge trifle bowl alternating broas, cinnamon-vanilla pudding, and banana slices. I smothered everything with a heavy cream mixture and chilled the pie before serving.

a serving of banana cream pie

My guests loved the desserts and thought they’re pretty sitting on the dessert/drinks station 🙂

dessert station

Hope you’re all havin’ a pretty day so far 🙂


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