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My First DIY Kiddie Party

imageI have always admired how my sister lovingly completes DIY/craft projects for my nephew’s birthday, or Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. Before I had my dear son, I told myself that I will be able to do that one day too. And with that I was thinking of DIY parties for my “future” kid/s.  Yet even if my son arrived 3 years ago, I have never really undertaken to prepare a party that is completely DIY. Well, until his third birthday at toddler school.


We had a couple of DIY projects for his birthday. My son loves giant toy surprises and since he finds Spongebob funny, my husband decided to make a huge Spongebob surprise for him on his 3rd birthday which he filled up with his favorite Toy Story characters: Mr. Potato Head, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear.

Then for his party, I decided to go with a Buzz Lightyear theme. He used to be a big Mr. Potato Head fan, and then Woody. But around his birthday month, he was into Buzz Lightyear. Like totally into Buzz!

That’s what I’m talking about 🙂 He was stoked as when he got his Buzz toy in Disneyland and just as he opened the box, the real Buzz came out of nowhere and approached him for a memorable high five and photo op! And that was exactly why I chose a Buzz Lightyear DIY party for him.


I first created his invites by choosing some free photos online. I downloaded free Buzz Lightyear fonts and used them for the text. I also searched for free bottle label printables, cupcake toppers, food labels, and coloring pages. Finally, I looked for ideas online and found some inspiration for the DIY rocket and birthday banner.




For the food, I just prepared hotdog with marshmallows on stick, kiwi and grape skewers, Southern-style fried chicken, and pasta with two sauces: traditional Filipino sweet-style tomato sauce and roasted sesame tuna sauce. I bought some Kool Aid Jammers in Kiwi and Grape flavors, Chef Tony’s popcorn in various flavors (Creamy Parmesan happens to be my son’s favorite snack), chocolate cupcakes from Classic Confections, and Cotton Cake from Cab Cafe. I decorated the cupcakes and cake with the printed toppers.






I bought blue spoons, forks, and green polka-dot napkins at the mall. They matched my blue paper plate frames. I also got balloons and asked our nanny to inflate them. The other nannies in school helped too! 🙂 Just when I thought I got everything covered, I realized I forgot to bring our tablecloth. Luckily, the  school has some and they gladly set up the tables and chairs for us. Whew!


Now, imagine how the kids reacted when they saw the entire spread! Everything was set up surreptitiously, i.e., while their class was going on. My heart was filled with so much joy when my son saw the party we prepared for him. He was surprised and in awe. He looked excited and happy that there’s a Buzz Lightyear-themed party just for him!


Overall, it was a great party. I know it’s something that my son will never forget and it also signals the many more DIY parties I’m going to do. Fun times!


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