Vodka Raspberry

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Last March 26, I had a joint Rockaoke birthday party with my hubby and we had this mixology section where we shared our own favorite Vodka recipes. Our guests were invited to concoct their own cocktail following the recipes we shared.

The recipe I shared was that for a Vodka Raspberry drink.


  • 2 tbsp. vodka
  • 9 tbsp. cranberry juice
  • a splash of orange juice
  • a splash of lime juice
  • ice cubes
photo not mine

I used Armadale vodka for the party. I heard that Armadale has been associated with rap music (not rock!) because we would often hear the brand Armadale in the lyrics of rap songs by Tupac and Jay-Z. However, I found really great reviews for this Scottish vodka. It is a top-shelf (premium) vodka that comes highly recommended and is described as a “low-talking, come hither vodka” with a “sexy implied bite and just enough smoke to win you over.”

So, the procedure is:

Put the vodka, raspberry juice, orange juice, and lime juice in a shaker then shake until mixed. If you don’t have one, you can just put them in a glass and stir until mixed well. Grab another glass, fill it with ice. Pour the mixed drink over. Sip and enjoy! 🙂


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