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A Visit to Salcedo Market

I planned to try out something new today and since it requires baking and there’s only one total baking shop here in Manila, I had to drag hubby to take me to Chocolate Lovers. Nah, he came voluntarily 😛 As usual though, I got more than I really need. It’s to comfort me that I will have what I need when I need  it 🙂 And after Chocolate Lovers, we went straight to Makati to have lunch at the Salcedo Market.

If you are a tourist visiting the Philippines for the first time and you are staying only in Metro Manila, please take the time to visit the Salcedo Market in Makati. It’s there every Saturday. It’s one heck of a foodie place plus more. There are herbs for your garden, ceramics, breads, take-home food, etc. Everything about food is right there. I really want to bring out my camera each time but I can’t because I want to focus on the food.

Nevertheless, I got some decent pictures of the market. Maybe I wasn’t able to capture the more interesting ones but next time, I will.

For now, here ya go.

this guy's selling therapeutic salt from the Himalayas

local fresh produce.. rambutan, lanzones, mangosteen, avocado, atis, mango, lychee, etc.

dim sum guy

imported fruits.. strawberries, oranges, cherries, etc.

love the yogurt popsies

I got some spices and chili flakes. I also got the famous corned beef from Delimondo (although I would bet that Lattize corned beef is better). But of all the nice and yummy things there, I would say I love these the most:

slow-roasted calf (lechon baka), chopped and sold in kilos with a special sauce and toasted garlic.. hubby and I ate 1/4kilo of this devil (P350)

sweet fresh cherries (P1000/kilo).. this happens to be my favorite fruit 🙂

After exhausting almost two thousand bucks at Salcedo Market, we had to leave else we will only spend more. Our next stop was at Rustan’s to buy ingredients for my pasta dish tomorrow.

For now, here’s what’s cooking. Cinnamon rolls 🙂

How’s your Saturday? Any market you’ve been to recently?


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