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Because Cupcaking Gives Me So Much Joy: Carrots & Pears and Dulce de Leche Cupcakes

I made two more cupcakes this weekend to add to my menu for JAN’S CUPCAKERY 😀 I badly need improvement on the aesthetics of my cupcakes plus I have a couple more things to do to put the business in place. Some of the things that I have to take care of after Holy Week will be getting a graphic artist to design my boxes, contacting a supplier for the packaging, and getting a food photographer to take photos of my cupcakes. Those plus the website, licenses, and the launch. Whew 🙂

Anyhow, the first flavor I played with was the carrot cupcake. I added pears to the cupcakes and frosted them with vanilla cream cheese. I have to say that my old carrot cupcakes with apples and walnuts are better in terms of flavor and texture. This is not to say that the carrots & pears cupcakes weren’t good. It’s just that if I only have a dollar and I have to choose one of the two carrot cupcakes, I’d go for the one with apples and walnuts because they’re better 😉

Then I also made some dulce de leche cupcakes.

Before making the cupcakes, I had this idea of making something that yells dulce de leche. I thought of adding dulce de leche to the cake, a dulce de leche filling, and a dulce de leche frosting. It’s a death by dulce de leche cupcake! 😛 I just happened to check out some online reviews for such kind of a cupcake and I was taken aback by one that says “the cupcakes are painfully sweet.”

Now, I don’t like my cupcakes to be super sweet. That’s what I always ask from my friends whenever they taste-test my cupcakes. Besides, I love dulce de leche and I want my customers to love it too and not be turned off by the surplusage of it in a simple cupcake.

So, I ended up making a simple vanilla chiffon cupcake and topped it with a minimal amount of dulce de leche and cream cheese frosting. And whoa! Flavor-wise, the cupcakes were so damn good I kinda figured already that these cupcakes are gonna be the bestseller 🙂

Hubby told me that I need to improve the look of the frosting (fine! I can’t make pretty frostings hmph :P) but my dulce de leche cupcakes are sooo good they remind him of Estrel’s or even Pasteleria Costa Brava’s minus the butter and that burnt flavor aftertaste. He said my cupcakes are better, yeay! He also affirmed that if Max’s is the restaurant that chicken built, Jan’s Cupcakery will be one that dulce de leche cupcakes will build hehe 🙂

Til next post. Have a great week!


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