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Beginning to Look Like It’s Worth It


Hubby is my number 1 critic. He’s honest and can tell straight to my face when something I cook is bad. I should know. Up to this very day, he can’t get over that epic failure of a re-creation of White Castle burgers. Even when I felt I have already redeemed myself when I made bbq burgers for him.

That’s why when hubby says “this dish is good,” I believe that it’s good. And when he couples that with three servings in a row, I take it to mean that the dish is very very (taken from Venus Raj’s major major) good! (or the man is just plain hungry) 😛

Friends are also good critics. When they say “hey I tried your recipe and I love it!”, I always start with a mental question on their sincerity because I know how much my friends love me 😛 They will try to say nice things to me, that’s what friends are for! tee hee 😀  But when they start talking about how they went about looking for the ingredients and how they tried the recipe at home and how their hubbies loved the results, I honestly feel good about somehow convincing them to cook.

Now, if it comes from people you hardly know, people you meet online, people who check your blog, or people who blog about you, it’s an altogether different story. I’m sure any food blooger appreciate it when someone they don’t know come up to them and tell them that they tried their recipes. In my case, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

For example, Dana’s Food for Thought recently posted about my Honey Garlic Turbo Roasted Chicken. I’m glad someone out there stumbled upon my blog entry and tried it and had a good take on it. In fact, I learned that her style is also a nice way of attacking that dish and I would in turn recreate it based on how she did it!

So aside from your nice comments and the fact that I’m able to reach out to so many people, I think it’s the sharing-learning-recreating-and-sharing circle of interaction that makes food blogging valuable.

And I have to say that after about 2 months of food blogging and in between work and “heck-what-should-i-bake-and-blog-about” moments, I think it’s beginning to look like this is all worth it 🙂


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