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Busy Baking: My John Lemon Cupcakes

Oh yes, they’re my armada of lemon cupcakes!

Hello again friends and I’m sorry I’ve been away for a little while. I’ve been very busy  with a lot of things lately one of which is baking. I’m working so hard to try various cupcake recipes and further improve on a lot of things to get my cupcake business running. So if you’re wondering what I have come up with during the little time that I was away — I’d say I was able to develop the following flavors for Jan’s Cupcakery 🙂

  • Livin’ La Vida Leche (vanilla cupcakes topped with a special dulce de leche frosting)
  • Red Light District (red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting)
  • What’s Up, Doc? (carrot, apple and walnut cupcakes with orange-vanilla cream cheese frosting)
  • Ube Wan Kenobi (ube or purple yam cupcakes with cream cheese frosting)
  • Mocha Chocalata (mocha cupcakes with cream cheese frosting)
  • Bring Home The Bacon (dark chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lots of bacon bits topping)

I’m also developing three other flavors. Maybe you can make a guess on what they’ll be?

  • Sufferin’ Succotash
  • Glaze of Glory
  • Broadway Special

So, back to the armada of lemon cupcakes. They’re the latest flavor addition to my cupcake line 😛 I decided to make two different frostings but as always, my first try with cream cheese frosting ended up being a little runny. Nevertheless, I was able to pick which one of the two I’d include in my menu.

The first one I tried is the blueberry cream cheese frosting. Since we don’t have the abundance of blueberries in Manila, I used the preserved ones and I didn’t like the outcome. The frosting was watery but I couldn’t rescue it by adding more confectioner’s sugar as it’s already sweet. So instead, I just dipped my cupcakes over and made the supposed frosting into a glaze. I just piped in a little of the lemon frosting in the middle for an added tang.

But while I’m not happy with the blueberry frosting, I’m very glad with the taste of the lemon cream cheese frosting I made. As usual, decorating with cream cheese frosting is a challenge for me because I like to keep the butter and sugar at the very minimum. I’m sure though that I’ll be able to fix this by the time my cupcakes are launched. So there, my second cupcake is the one deserving to be included in my menu and hubby named it as the John Lemon cupcake 😛

Have to get back to the cupcakery because I got orders for delivery and pick-up tomorrow (yes, my friends from work are already ordering!). Hope you all stay safe this summer! Be back soon with more cupcakes 😀


  • skip to malou

    i always say that i have to improve my baking skills.. and well yeah im taking some baby steps in baking.. but i think cupcake is way to go rather than you know the whole cake…
    but wait ill make kwento something (this goes to show that I really don’t bake at all)
    A few years ago, (i just migrated here in the US) I was going to bake some cupcakes for my kids bake sale at school. I went to the store looking for cupcake mix and naturalmente couldn’t find anything… little did i know that the cake mix din pala ang ginagamit haha. We asked people around at the grocery store and they might have thought how “dumb” these immigrants are haha. oh well…
    sorry jan, i digress a lot so where was i again? hayayay look at the effect of your dainty cupcakes jan… haha
    have a great day!

  • love2eat

    Hi! Can you please suggest a good but affordable electric mixer?

    I checked your blog because of your Korean Trip and now I’m drooling with your recipes. 😀

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