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Some people are asking how my Cohen diet is doing. I know I haven’t updated my Cohen journey but just to let you know, I’m still on it and I feel better everyday 🙂 I have beendoing a couple of cheats which understandably slowed down the weight loss but heck, I’ve lost a lot already that I don’t have any right complain. Since I started in July 11 of last year until November, I was averaging about 7-8 lbs a month. That’s not bad at all. But in all honesty, most of the weight loss happened on my first three months. So for those of you who are on the diet, please stick to it religiously because it really works!

I was covered by the program for only 6 months and I only have about the whole month of January to reach my target weight. In short, it’s impossible. I’m not gonna make it 🙁 But it’s still okay with me. I’m gonna extend the program until I reach my goal and I promise this is going to be a lifetime commitment towards sensible eating.

On the brighter side of things though, the inches continue to drop even if I’m a bit struggling with the pounds during the last weigh-ins I had. I started with a size 18 [UK], 16/XL/1XL [USA], 46 [France] for blouses/shirts/dresses. As of November, I could already fit into a size 12 [UK], 10/M [USA], 40-42 France. For jeans and pants, I started with 32-34 depending on the cut [some brands make bigger jeans/pants than others], but now I have to get at least a 29 [30 is still okay but after wearing it for a while, it feels loose; can’t wear my old 32’s anymore coz they literally fall off :P].

I remember when I went to USA in April of 2010 and I wanted to buy stuff from H&M but I can’t because I don’t even fit into their XL. Last week when I was in Hong Kong, I went to the H&M flagship in Central and guess what, I was so happy to find out that they have some styles where a medium is actually big on me 😛 weh I joined Cohen after my HK trip last June 2011 when I badly wanted something from Lane Crawford in Horizon Plaza but my hips wouldn’t even allow me to enter the dress! Well, that dress is no longer there but I still ended up buying anything that would fit me because it felt sooooo great!

Hubby enjoyed watching me grab all the clothes I want and he even wrote me another check so I can do more shopping back here in Manila hehehe 😉 I’m not saying you should bother your husbands or parents to give you an allowance for shopping but I just want to share with you that it feels great being able to fit into a dress that you like. It gives you confidence. It makes you happy.

I cheated big time during the holidays but I went back to the Cohen diet immediately and today is my day 2 again. How about you, what’s your Cohen story? 🙂


  • marissa co

    Hi, I’m also on the cohen diet! I started last November only so I’m currently in my 2nd month! I’m scared because I will be going to the US this March. Even if you were deviating, were you still losing weight? or gaining much wait? Do you still go to the clinic for the blood test?

  • janiscooking

    Hi Marissa, yup i”m still losing weight despite the cheats but not much, like about 2-4lbs a month. That’s way below my monthly target but yeah, I still lose weight. I still don’t eat rice, I still try to consume the required amount of water every day, and the kind of cheat that I’m most guilty about is mixing proteins. I’ve traveled to two rice-eating countries while on the program and I still managed to lose weight, fortunately 🙂 Good luck to you. Don’t worry much, you will lose weight. Just enjoy the process 🙂

  • marissa co

    Wow, thank you so much! I actually travelled to taiwan and singapore too and I deviated when I was in Singapore! Correct me if I’m wrong, technically you didnt gain weight? just a slowed down weight loss? Even if you’ve had carbs? It seems you really lost a lot of weight though! Based on your dress size i mean 😉

  • Anna

    Hi! I am very much interested to the Cohen Diet. In fact, I’ve scheduled my info session many times but cancelled the last minute. Based on your experience and that of batchmates and friends on Cohen, how many pounds does one lose in a month?

    • janiscooking

      hi anna! thank you for the blog visit and follow on twitter 🙂 based on my experience, most of the weight loss happened on the first three months [8-12lbs on the first month, and about 5-8lbs per month from 2nd-3rd months] . my friends also experienced the same thing, some even reached 16lbs for the first month. 4th month onwards will depend if you stick to the plan or not. my friend who followed the plan seriously lost about 4-5lbs a month. me and some friends who cheated lost an average of 2-4lbs. all in all, i’d say that in the first six months of my cohen plan, with cheats as early as the 2nd month, i still averaged a weight loss of about 5-6lbs a month. that’s not bad at all in my opinion, especially that there’s no exercise hehe 🙂

      • Anna

        Thank you so much for replying. My reason for asking is because I don’t know which diet to do. You see, my husband and I have been doing the South Beach Diet for over a month. So far, its working but I find the weight lost not as rapid as the others I know who are doing Cohen. I lost 8lbs this month with ‘cheating’ once a week but that involves exercise like 2-3 times a week.
        By the way, in another post, it was mentioned in the comment that you go to Dr. Manalo. Is this Dra. Eileen Manalo?

  • Xia

    Hi Janis, I’m on Cohen diet as well have one month to go for my contract to expire. So far lost 20Kg and its great, it amazing I would say!!! However I have to lose another 8kg to reach my target to be on the refeed. I know its not possible for me at this stage to lose 8kg on my last month but frankly I’m fine with the idea of extending my program. I sticked to my plan 100% for 4 months and seen the great result. After that I started with little deviation and now it getting worse… im not putting on weight though but I’m losing less than 1kg per month. Im feeling like an absolute fool and the guilt OMG. Any suggestions! im so uspet 🙁

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