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I Won A Book!

As most of you know, I joined Project Food Blog 2010 and it was one of the greatest opportunities I had in terms of connecting with some of the world’s best food bloggers 🙂 I may not have made it past round 2 but I committed to visiting contestants’ blogs whose entries are really worthy of a vote.

Daydreamer Desserts is one of those blogs that I follow but my admiration for the blogger has reached its heights during round 3 of Project Food Blog 2010. I have seen many so-so dinners for that round and I even thought that “hey, my 24×24 lunch was better than that!” 😛 *sorry, that’s the conceited side of me* Daydreamer Desserts’ entry was in my top 3 bets because  she had a really luxurious dinner.

Anyhow, in the same entry, she had this contest where she asked her readers to share their #1 entertaining tip.

Based on experience during my poolside birthday party in 2005 where I was so overwhelmed with being the one in-charge of everything, I forgot that it was my party 🙁 Hence, that was the entertaining tip that I shared, i.e., not to forget that even if you’re the host, it’s still your night to enjoy, and that the guests would love to have you at the dinner table more than see you in the kitchen all the time.

That may not be the best entertaining tip in the whole wide world but that made me win this fabulous book! 🙂 So, when Daydreamer Desserts announced that I won, I was very ecstatic. She needed a US address though so I had to request her to forward it to my sister. Thankfully, she agreed! 🙂 yeay!

Anyhoo, here’s the book, my very first online contest prize evah!


photo by my sister
photo by my sister
photo by my sister


The book looks great!

So, to Daydreamer Desserts, thank you for the book! I haven’t held it in my own hands and will have to wait until December but just by reading reviews about the book, I can already tell that I’m gonna love it. They’re in safe hands 🙂 *sister, please take care of it*

Thanks again and I hope this isn’t the last time 😛


If you’re like me who love to read blogs and there’s an opportunity/contest like this one where you got nothing to lose, what’s a comment or a twitter follow for a chance to win something great as this? I really invite you to join my 100th post contest which, incidentally, will close by 6pM tomorrow (GMT+8).

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