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New Loots!

I got a little “promotion” at work. It’s not a real biggie because it’s just part of the annual evaluation process but since it came with some sort-of-a new title and a little-more-than-I-expected increase, I thought I should celebrate it with hubby. And the only way I know how is to get myself some new loots 😛 Lols. I’m a self-centered woman and celebrating with hubby still has to be all about me *devilish grin* 😛

So here are my new loots to remember my first year evaluation by. I got them last Friday but only remembered to post the photo now 😛

They’re on sale by the way. The two books cost me like P2,000.

I have lots of recipe books and food magazines at home which I have to re-discover. And by “re-discover” I really meant to  literally take away the dusts and cobwebs covering them 😛

Ooh, and I’d like to show you this recipe collection that started it all. I got it for less than US$20 at Costco and it has made all these possible 🙂 Honestly, I have only picked up two recipes from it but heck, it has showed me a lot of opportunities 🙂

who doesn't love KitchenAid? that P25,000 blender?

makes me feel like i'm reading materials from MCLE 😛

Next time I’m gonna get those Barefoot Contessa books, and collect Jamie Oliver’s, Giada’s, Nigella’s, Bobby Flay’s and Julia Child’s books! 🙂

What about you? What are your loots? What excites you today?


  • Tes

    Those books look so wonderful… I want them but probably have no chance since I am ban form buying any cookbook 🙂 at the moments
    So my loots maybe shopping for cookware as we are thinking of moving and I want everything brand new….
    But today what’s really excite me is coconut ice-cream I’ve just made and post.. I haven’t make this for since April…

    • thella

      haha why are you banned from buying any cookbook? anyhow, foodbuzz is such a huge recipe book! you can find like almost any recipe you need there 🙂 are you using any ice cream maker? or it’s one of those magic ice cream without ice cream maker? 🙂

  • shalu

    Wow! I get a high when I see beautiful cookbooks because my mom surrounds herself with them. You should see her collection! I actually even have some of my own even though I don’t cook…yet. Wheeeee! Congratulations on everything that’s been happening to you lately. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

    • thella

      SHAAAALLLUUU!! 🙂 i also get a high when i hear from you haha 🙂 i love hoarding cookbooks even if i don’t use them. actually, 80% of the time, i buy a cookbook only because i love the pictures 😛 haha the good things are actually no biggie but am really happy nowadays 🙂

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