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Opa! Finally, A Post About CYMA!

Finally, after years of loving this Greek resto in Manila, I’m now posting about it! 🙂

Thing is, I always forget to take photos before we start eating the food. Thus, during our last visit to Cyma, I made it a point to hold everyone’s horses so that I can take some neat photos of everything we got.

 Cyma is a Greek-inspired restaurant that not only serves delicious dishes but also encourages the coming together of family and friends to enjoy food. That’s what Greek dining experience is all about anyways.

My love affair with Cyma started when I tried their Greek salad known as Roka Salata (Solo, P330; To Share, P495; Family, P650). It’s a salad made with fresh arugula (Roka or rockets, as our Aussie friends say), chopped Romaine, sun-dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, and shaved Parmesan in traditional Greek vinaigrette. I am not a veggie lover but this salad is an exception. I dream about it and I don’t mind eating nothing else but this salad. It is THAT great.

Some days we would order Saganaki (flaming cheese served with the Cyma crew yelling “Oppa!”), but last time we got Hummous and whole wheat pita (P125 plus P50 for extra pita). It’s good but I didn’t eat much as I’m preparing my tummy for more action.

Another favorite dish from Cyma is their Kotopoulo Lemonato (P410) or what they call the Greek version of Chicken adobo. It’s chicken braised in lemon, oregano and garlic then baked with potatoes and feta cheese. Out of our love for this dish, I recreated it last June and while it was close to Cyma’s version, I would still want to go to Cyma if only to eat Kotopoulo Lemonato over and over again.

Most of the time we’ll also get their Pastisado or the Greek Osso Bucco but last time we got Solomos Angel Hair pasta (Solo, P440; To Share, P640; Family, P880). It’s a seafood angel hair pasta in a tomato-basil cream sauce with fresh lime juice, feta ,and romano cheese. It’s a wonderful pasta dish.

Lastly, we got their Roasted Cedar Planked Salmon (P360) which is buttery in flavor but really good.

I haven’t tried all the dishes in Cyma, I have to admit, but all the dishes I have tried so far are all great and I’m not the only one who would say Cyma equates with good food. I’m really glad that nowadays, we have a reliable hangout whenever we crave for something Greek 🙂 Opa!


For those who wanna know what OPA really means, it is a Greek way of cheering, of saying let’s party, enjoy life, get down, hurray, hell yeah, or an affirmation like “you’re the best!”

It’s different from OPPA which means “brother” in Korea and is used by girls to guys who are little older than them.

See, you learned something new here! 😀


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