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I envy the Kulinarya Cooking Club in Australia 😀 I really hope there’s a way I can unite all the Pinoy food bloggers here in Manila.

Need suggestions.


  • russell villanueva md

    Hi Jan,

    Inspired by your blog, I ventured to our kitchen for the first time and made roasted rosemary chicken and pesto fettucini! (with Antonette’s guidance of course). I’m now planning to be a culinary expert on popular Filipino “pulutan”..he,he…


    • January

      Hi Russ!

      Thanks for dropping by 😀 Maybe you and Ton, then V-anne and myself can host a cookfest. Herbi’s volunteering Brookside hehe. Glad to hear you’re into food and cooking as well 🙂 Looks like you manage your time well to be able to squeeze in cooking.

      Hugs to Ton and Arianna 🙂


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