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Random Eats: Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo and Tutto Domani


Hey, friends, how are you doing? I just thought of posting about some random eats to keep in touch with you. It’s some sort of a breather from all the Taiwan posts I’m in the process of bombarding you with 🙂

IMG_6164So, there’s this new place that I checked out in Kapitolyo and it’s a branch of one of the much raved-about cake store in Manila known as Karen’s Kitchen. The place is vintage-country and the highlight, for me, was this old oven which kinda reminded me of Julia Child. It’s a nice touch but I am really partial to hip and industrial interiors because they make me feel young and they help keep my creative juices flowing. I understand that others will find the place cute and interesting (I agree that it’s interesting) but this is not the cafe that I will personally lounge at.


Since the place is supposedly known for cakes and we were told by their sales staff that their specialties include the red velvet cake and mango shortcake, we didn’t think twice and ordered just as we were advised.

Unfortunately though, we were not impressed. The cakes were not bad but in this cut-throat food industry, being “not bad” would not cut the mustard. For me, the best red velvet cakes/cupcakes I tried in Metro Manila are Sonja’s red velvet cupcakes and The Cheesecake Factory’s red velvet cake that you can find in local S&R branches. As for mango cakes/pies, nothing beats the old Red Ribbon Mango Cream Pie and the mango torte in Locavore which makes me go insane.


And then there’s a cafe that I visited in Makati which is really tiny and inconspicuous, but has a nice quirky vibe. Now, this is where I want to hang out.


It’s really a small cafe which is perfectly quiet because not a lot of people hang out there. We were told though that it’s just the case because it’s summer and Assumption College is on summer break. Once school season is up, the tiny cafe will be very busy once again.

my favorite spot – by the window

Specialty toys and plushies are on sale, every table has a toy/game that diners can play with, and they even have guitars that you can strum while waiting for your food! The name of the place is Tutto Domani which is right beside New World Hotel and in front of Raffles Makati.



vanilla paste for sale (P2,000)

They serve food on chopping boards which I personally like because they reminded me of Jamie Oliver. And the chopping boards, mind you, are even customised to fit the plates and containers they serve their food on. I came in there with no high expectations but came out very satisfied and excited to share this gem with my friends.


So my officemates and I ordered these crepe balls with sweet or savory fillings that they call Crounds. The savory Crounds filled with chorizo and cheese were served first. Lip-smacking good!


Then we individually ordered our own mains. One of us got the herb-roasted chicken served with rice, salad, and iced tea. The meat was fresh and juicy and while the chicken came out with a thin layer of sauce, the crispiness of the chicken skin was not tampered with at all.


One of us ordered the Adobo Loco, a pulled pork sandwich platter which included a salad, mac ‘n cheese, potato chips, and iced tea. The same also came with a dessert and my officemate picked the Crepe Samurai.


Then I got the Ossobuco which came with saffron risotto, salad, and iced tea. The risotto was al dente and paired really well with the ossobuco. I found the serving huge for one so I’d recommend sharing the beef with another person.


We also ordered latte and while their coffee came out without any foam/latte art, the coffee didn’t disappoint us. Coffee was paired with the crepe samurai and the sweet Crounds that we ordered – crounds filled with Nutella and drizzled with caramel on top. It was really a nice finish to that lovely lunch at Tutto Domani!

What are your recent random eats? 🙂

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  • Karen Young

    Dear Jan,
    Thank you so much for visiting Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo and trying our Red Velvet and Mango Cake.
    Congratulations on your awards for your blog! More power and blessings to you and your family and your work as well as your writing!
    Sincerely ,
    karen young

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