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Replacement for Buttermilk

Do you realize how bloody painful it is to be so excited about baking the most decadent chocolate cake and you find out that your local grocery store doesn’t have any buttermilk to sell? So you stretch your EQ a little bit more and tried to drop by the biggest hypermart and still feel frustrated after finding out that there really is no buttermilk on the shelves? Then you come home and try to bake the chocolate cake even without buttermilk and now feel a little more than frustrated because the supposed decadent one turned out to be an epic failure?

And all that just because there is no darn buttermilk around!? *pants*

Well then friends, with a little Googling, here’s the answer to your dilemma:

To replace buttermilk, you will need:

1 cup whole milk
1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice or cream of tartar

That’s it!

Now, please, please. Hurry up and bake that scrumptious chocolatey cake will ya?


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