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Super Bowl Dim Sum Platter

Ever since I went to this Dim Sum place in Washington D.C. called Ping Pong Dim Sum, I never looked at dim sums the same way again 😀

Before, as between dim sum and an entree that will go well with Yang Chow fried rice, I’d go for the entree. That’s my “filter” for Chinese restaurants. Always, it has to be some dish that will go well with rice. Heck, I am a rice eater! 😛 I usually don’t look at the guys who go around with dim sum carts. After my Ping Pong experience though, I always found myself craving for dim sum. I didn’t realize how much fun it is to eat  dim sum. No rice. Just plain dim sum.

Lucky me, there’s a Chinese restaurant some 100 strides away from where I work. And the best part of it is that they currently have a promo where a dim sum platter costs only P130 (~US$2.60)!

It’s a super-duper great value for money. Imagine, a dim sum platter plus a free bowl of shrimp crackers as you wait!

bowl of kropek (shrimp crackers)
red wine vinegar, soy sauce, and chili sauce
the P130 dim sum platter!

The real value of the dim sum platter is actually P260 but for this month, Super Bowl is offering it for only half the price. No catch. It’s just a plain mathematical equation, i.e., P260 x 50% off 🙂

The platter holds 3 pieces of pork, shrimp, and mushroom siu mai, 2 pieces of hakao/hakaw, 3 pieces of deep fried wanton, 1 piece char siu bun, and 2 pieces of vegetable spring rolls.

All for only P130!!! Can’t get over it. Really.

P130!!!??! 😛

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