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What A Busy Saturday!


I wanted to post more about Seoul and the beautiful places we went to but I currently do not have the time to go over my photos and select which ones to show you. Just so that I can catch up with you, I thought of writing about my unusually busy Saturday. Don’t worry, more posts about Seoul will be up soon.

So last Saturday, my day started with picking up my baby’s toys scattered at the living room. Our baby is now an active walker and mover and his stuff are like all over the house! Hubby went out early in the morning to meet his friends for a jamming session and the whole house was left for my use and enjoyment. 😀


After picking up the toys, I headed to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I was starving that morning because I did not eat a lot the night before. I popped a few low-fat low-sodium real chicken nuggets in my air-fryer and in 10 minutes, they’re done.


And this was my heavy breakfast. I had airfried chicken nuggets, a salad, and Acai berry juice. For the salad, I used Kewpie’s roasted sesame dressing which is my favorite. I loved my breakfast because it was heavy but did not leave me feeling bloated. I needed a heavy breakfast for the baking marathon I had to engage in that day.


Then the marathon began. I baked a lot that day. The first one I made were 2 dozens of my peanut butter and Flat Tops cookies. I haven’t told you guys yet that I’m starting to sell my baked goodies. I haven’t officially launched my home bakery yet because my list of goodies is not yet final but I’m getting there.


Then I baked a dozen choco chip cookies, 2 banana walnut loaves (sliced and packed in slices), and granola power balls.

Then I baked 4 dozens of my lemon coconut cookies. These are so yummy and they made the whole house smell like heaven! Again, I packed them up and wrote labels on stickers. Yup, I don’t have my labels and personalized wrappers and boxes yet. I don’t think I’ll be investing on them at this stage where the orders are still pretty much manageable.  Besides, I love doing everything by hand!


It was almost early evening when I finished all that baking and when the orders were picked up from my place. I took a nap and prepared for dinner with my friends. We had dinner at Dong Won Korean Garden and had samgyeopsal, bulgogi, and mackerel stew. After that, we transferred to Bo’s Coffee for our caffeine fix and that’s when I gave my friends some extra baked goodies that I have. They liked them and they’re ordering too!

That wraps up my recollection of how busy my Saturday was. I usually just stay at home and catch up on sleep but since I started selling baked goodies, everyday seems so hectic. I’m just hoping that my old oven won’t crap out on me.

And that’s about it. My Saturday was not at all exciting nor glamorous but it was definitely fun (though I really felt like running on fumes) 🙂

Until my next post!


  • jen

    hi ms janiscooking :). sana po mabasa mo itong mensahi ko. lahat po ng mga comments at post nyo binasa ko para po ma idea po ako para sa pagtour namin sa southkorea. ganto po kasi ang asawako ko po ay nagtratrabaho sa korea as a factory almost 3years na po sya dun maeend na po ang kontrata nya sa january 2016 binabalak nya po kasi kami ipasyal dun by september2014 this year para po sa asian games ang kaso lang po yung amo nya kasi kuripot at di po sya makahingi ng invitation of letters para po saamin ng baby ko. patulong naman po if ano po magandang gawin namin? take note 1year old palang po ang baby ko. mahihirapan po ba kami makapunta ng korea? gustong gusto ko po makapunta ng namsan tower tsaka po sa nami island :(. please reply po please please. thank you and Godbless po

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