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Will Be Getting A Break

I feel fortunate to have found the thing that I am passionate about and I’m happy to have shared it with all of you for the last year or so. However, I figured that my passion for cooking and great food will only lead me to an obsession that I might not be able to control if I don’t do anything now. Thus, to moderate what I eat and to help me get back to the shape I love, I am going to take a break from posting the “usual” food that I create at home.

This is not to say this blog will be inactive. It’s just that I won’t be posting the kind of food I usually talk about. This time, I’ll be more focused on healthy/balanced eating, and recipes, if any, will be posted very sporadically. You will hear more about what I do daily to keep up with my plan to be healthy and I really hope they don’t bore you 😛

It’s also fine if you don’t visit me as much as you often do because I have to admit that my incoming posts will be rather boring. But just allow me to document my journey to weight loss. It’s not like I need to lose hundreds of pounds that will take a really long time, but just please allow me to do so… even just for the next 4 to 6 months 🙂

In case you’re wondering what am I up to. I had myself enrolled with Cohen’s Diet. It’s a rapid fat and weight-loss program which is focused on eating a balanced diet in specified portions. That means my food intake is going to be managed by the people over at Cohen’s Diet through a personalized eating plan. I’m gonna undergo a major change in my eating habits and we liken it to re-formatting a computer with virus. After the re-format, the computer is like brand new again and by then, you will probably install licensed or clean applications only.  Just like that, after the diet program, I’m hoping to go back to the old food I love to eat but with an informed approach towards sensible eating.

Simultaneously, I am also undergoing a series of acupuncture sessions to help me de-stress and treat some ailments like migraines/headaches, indigestion, and back pains the holistic way. I am also doing this to prepare for my future fertility workup plan 🙂

So there, wish me luck! And I’ll be sharing gastronomic delights with you again in the near future. Promise! 🙂


    • janiscooking

      good luck GieGie. honestly though, i’m a bad example because i cheated on the diet. my friends did too and this is why, on the average, we’re about 15lbs away from our target weight upon expiration of our contract. some renewed theirs while i’m thinking of not renewing anymore (nothing final yet, i’m still really weighin my options). it’s an exciting journey though and we really saw the results 🙂 good luck again!

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