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Woohoo! An Award! :)

I’m so ecstatic about things that are happenning lately. A successful lunch with BFFs and mid-afternoon office party, being in the Daily Top 9 of FoodBuzz, and now, an award from a favorite blogger, Simply Maren 🙂

One of the many perks of blogging is to be able to reach out to people you don’t know who follow you because either you entertain them or you inspire them. At least, in my case, that’s why I follow blogs. And it’s a totally great feeling to be considered by at least one of the bloggers you follow as a versatile blogger worthy of The Versatile Blogger award 🙂

So, to Simply Maren, thanks so much 🙂

Okay –

The Guidelines for Accepting this Award are…

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic!

7 Things About Thella

Sometime ago, I wrote a post called The Trouble With Thella Is… in my other blog. So I’m gonna get a few pieces from there and re-post them here 🙂

  1. Thella loves to cook but is very new at it so she almost always ends up buying double the amount of ingredients needed in a recipe for trial and error.
  2. She plans and loves to start something she can’t finish. The books and dvd’s she bought one hundred years ago are still untouched. Her cross-stitch project only has the halo shaped/stitched out of her angel pattern. She changed blogs more than an average girl bats her eyelash in front of her crush. Don’t worry, this blog will stay 🙂
  3. She over-analyzes things and is very good at it. She could have put it to good use if only she serves CIA or NASA or a business tycoon or whatever.  But being good with over-analyzing things in her otherwise ordinary simple life in Manila/Batangas only makes her look like a psychotic.
  4. She can’t control her excitement and animated show of emotions. In short, she just can’t keep her mouth shut. And her wallet in place. Poor wallet. Shopping mode is always turned on.
  5. As between pork and veggies, she’ll pick pork. Pork is fun.
  6. She is often caught daydreaming about living the swanky life of the rich and famous. That’s not so bad, isn’t it? Yeah, unless when she ends up (and this is frequent) resenting her choice of career, or that her birthday always falls on a weekend so she doesn’t get a usual chance to celebrate it in school, or that she was born on a Wednesday and it has some cosmic relation to luck. Or bad luck.
  7. As between hopping on to her stepper to exercise and blogging, she’ll choose to blog. Lucky you. You got something to read :P

My Winners of the Versatile Blog Award are…

Chef it Yourself

Angie’s Recipes

Spicie Foodie

More Than A Mount Full

Everything’s Herbed

The Cilantropist

Baking Junkie

Girl Plus Food

My Baking Addiction

The Pink Apron

Young Cooking

A Sweet Spoonful

Tes At Home


Kitchen Confidante

There ya go.

Thanks again for The Versatile Blogger award and Congratulations to my 15 🙂 I love all your blogs and have only nice words to say about what you put in there.


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