Global Seoul Mate 2014,  Seoul,  South Korea

2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival, My No.1 Poster: Made by 192 Global Seoul-Mates


On November 14, 2014 and until November 16, 2014, the 2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival will be held in Seoul Square, Taepyeong Ave, Cheonggye Square and Gwanghwamun Square. This is a festival where visitors make kimchi by themselves and share them with their neighbors. Kimchi is Korea’s most famous dish and is a culinary tradition in itself. It is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings.

The concept is that on the first day of Gimjang (Kimchi Making & Sharing) Season, “Seoul gets mixed with hope.” The festival will be held to celebrate the fact that kimchi was selected for UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

And because kimchi is made by mixing vegetables and seasonings together, the festival promises to come up with a mix of fashion, hangeul, play, design, and music as well! Isn’t it exciting? 🙂

In view of this festival, the second mission for Global Seoul Mates 2014 is to come up with a poster that will advertise this event. I created the above poster with a photo of kimchi. I added that photo because I wanted to show how vibrant and delicious kimchi is which makes it a very good representation of Seoul. Seoul is  a bustling, vibrant, fun city that preserves a balance between progress and culture. When you eat kimchi, you take a piece of Seoul with you.

And with that, I am inviting you to come join the festival and and celebrate a culinary tradition!

For more information, visit Seoul City Government’s website.


My poster is one of the winning entries! Hurray 🙂 Thank you, Seoul Metropolitan Government!


  • Sherma Cecile O. Miranda

    HI! My family are planning to go to Seoul on April 2015. I’ve read your travel in 2012 and would like to stay in 126 Mansion. Do you have direct email of this place since i plan to get a reservation.
    Thank you so much and i’ve learned a lot reading your day-to-day stay in Seoul.

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