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Hong Kong Disneyland 2016

Since we had our son, a trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without a visit to the happiest place on earth. The first time we brought him to Disneyland Hong Kong was before he turned one and back then, he was just familiar with the characters of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Fast forwrard to this year, he’s now a fan of all Toy Story movies and its characters.  Well, his favorites change here and there but at the time I was planning for the trip, he was very much into Toy Story. And that was why we brought him back to Disneyland. We knew that he will be very happy to set foot on Toy Storyland and boy, we’re absolutely right!


We got discounted Disneyland day pass vouchers from Klook and you can read my review here. Learning from past experience, we do not go to Disneyland on a weekend anymore. Since we just got one day passes for this trip, we wanted to maximize our visit and not waste too much precious time falling in line. We went to Disneyland on a Monday and the crowd was pretty much like what you can see in the above photo for the whole day.


My son loves the cold weather. He dozes off quickly and that gives him more energy when it’s time for his activity. So the whole time we traveled from the hotel to Disneyland, my son was feeling sleepy in his stroller but as soon as we got inside the park, it seemed like all the energy he has been saving was fired up and we went around smiling, excited and confused as to where to go first. I sorta envied this kid’s excitement, in a good way, you know 🙂


We skipped the usual areas and reserved those for later. We went to Disneyland primarily for Toy Storyland and that’s exactly where we headed first. As we got near it,  we already heard “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from the background and my son recognized it so well that he let go of our hands and ran towards Woody. I had so much joy just watching my son’s reactions/emotions.


At some point he actually said “(let’s) see Minions” but the good thing was that he saw this dude and he recognized him to be some sort of a “Buzz-minion.” 🙂

His height already allowed him to ride the Slinky Dog ride and it was his first time to try one of those. Without admitting that I was having some early “senior” (old age) moments, like getting dizzy while riding a kiddie ride for instance (hah!), I actually almost asked the operator to stop. I was surprised when my son yelled “again, again!” when the ride was not over yet! Oh please no. I did not want to be a killjoy but I honestly did not want to ride again! Thankfully, I won. Haha!


We also hopped on to the Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh rides and in between those, we explored the other areas. More appropriately speaking, we munched our way through them. Hehe. We grabbed cookies, waffles, hotdogs, popcorn, ice cream, coffee, dried squid, peanuts, and corn. Oh, the sweet, juicy, steamed corn. That’s my favorite 🙂

My son also had a sweet encounter with Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland. We got him Mr. Potato Head, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear toys. He wanted to hold all of them but we asked him to choose just one. He chose Buzz so packed away the others. As we stepped out of the store and while he was holding his Buzz toy, out came Buzz, the real character, for his pictorial schedule. I envisioned him walking slow-mo towards my son’s stroller. Buzz looked at the toy my son was holding and motioned to my son that the toy looks like him. He gave my son a high five and I can’t help but feel happy noticing how my son’s jaw dropped and stayed that way while Buzz was in front of him. Starstruck moment! Lucky us, we were the firsts at the photo op.


We watched the 3pm parade and, as you may have guessed correctly, the little one was just particularly waiting for the Toy Story characters. He knows all of them by heart!






Before our Disney visit ended, he requested to go back to Toy Storyland again. He had a chance to hang out with another of his favorites, Mr. Potato Head. He has such a huge collection of Mr. Potato Head toys and he was stoked to see a huge one that he can hug and sit with!


It was a fun-filled day for my little one and definitely the same for the adults. Parking my Hong Kong posts here. Stay tuned for my HK food photos!

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