Myriad Monday

Myriad Monday #1

Yihee, here’s my first Myriad Monday** post 🙂



This weekend, I baked the same lemon pie I made sometime ago. I have to say it’s one of the best pies I have ever made. I also made strawberry cream pie but the funny thing is, I was only able to take a picture of the fresh strawberries but not the pie itself 😛 Thing is, the whipped cream part was made just before we’re about to go and I was rushing my way out and I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Here, I just cleaned up the strawberries and were drying them before I put them into the pie crust.






Hubby and I went to SM Hypermart last Sunday to buy our weekly groceries and we got to eat at the food court. We had gyudon and shrimp tempura 🙂 I was expecting our meal to be cheap but still, we spent more than P500. Or maybe it’s just me being stingy 😛






Would you believe that we still haven’t opened up our wedding gifts despite the lapse of more than 4 years since our wedding? Most of them are items for the kitchen and because I didn’t know how to cook before, I allowed them to be buried in cobwebs. Now that I’m cooking, I decided to bring home one of those gifts and use them in our kitchen 🙂 We got this 20-piece set which is okay for a starting home-cook like myself. The best item for me is the steamer because I don’t have a decent one 🙂





I was very excited to use the steamer after office today and I thought of dumplings 🙂 I have a recipe that calls for singkamas (jicama) and I’ll show you a giant one 😛 Well, not really. I was just shocked by its size because I’m used to seeing small ones. Actually, the biggest one is from Indonesia and it weighs 21 kilograms! So, my size-D jicama is technically still a midget. *Jicama’s shiny in the photo because of cling wrap.






My weekend went by so well and I’m thankful that after PFB 2010, I’m back to stress-free cooking. Incidentally, I’m thinking of joining a weekend market to sell some of my home-cooked dishes. Will let you know more about it when I have something definite 🙂

How about you? How was your weekend? I made dumplings earlier and I will post the recipe soon 🙂

Happy Monday!


**Myriad Monday is my weekly post about all sorts of things I can think about but mostly related to food.




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