Myriad Monday

Myriad Monday #2

Last Saturday, September 9, was the first ever Fiesta sa California. It’s actually the fiesta for our condo (yup, our condo celebrates fiesta! :P) and we held it during the week-long fiesta celebration in our barangay 🙂 We had a whole day of festivities going on here with tiangge and shows all throughout the day. Sadly, I wasn’t able to experience the festivities because I had an appointment in Alabang and it was only around 6:00pm when I got back home.

I found out though that I had visitors! Two of my cousins decided to come and celebrate fiesta with us. At first, I really expected I will break a tradition, i.e., to serve a variety of gastronomic delights during fiesta. On second thought, I realized that my visitors are actually family and they’d appreciate whatever food I’ll serve them.

I definitely played quickfire last Saturday and came up with three familiar dishes in a span of an hour and a half: baked macaroni with bechamel sauce, chicken wings, and lemon pie. I forgot to take pictures of my food and guests because, trust me, I was damn tired. Good thing my cousins loved the food!




Last week, I and my office friends IC, CL, and CM, agreed to go on a diet! What?!? Yup, you heard it. We’re going on a diet! 🙂

We got different motivations and goals but the most immediate goal is to slim down for our Christmas party 😛 Teehee!

Today marks Day 1 of our diet. Let me share with you what I had for the day until the time I’m writing this entry:

  • Breakfast: Tomato-Mushroom Omelet, 1/2 slice of wheat bread, 8 pcs. of seedless grapes, glass of orange juice
  • Snack: Light Strawberry Yogurt
  • Lunch: 1 slice of wheat bread with tuna and light mayo spread, 8 slices of cucumber, 1 banana, Fit N Right light iced tea

It’s exciting to plan for my packed lunch for the whole week. What’s more exciting is that we get to look after each other and make sure we keep each others’ commitment to observe our diet.

We’re not following a program. We’re just cutting down on our normal food intake and trying to at least have three balanced meals a day 😛



I’m going to prepare home-made chicken fillet inasal for dinner. Will post photos and recipe soon.

How’s your weekend? How’s your Monday? 🙂

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