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A Coed Baby Shower Party!


Our friends and partners from Monsees Cafe honored me and hubby with a coed baby shower party last Saturday. The invite was sent via email and Facebook and we’re glad that almost everyone we invited came 🙂

It wasn’t a surprise party which I absolutely prefer because I wanted to have a say in the menu and in the guest list. I wanted it to be a small party to be attended only by my immediate family and the closest friends from elementary school all the way to my current workplace. Everything was sort of in a rush and was finalized only in less than a week. We didn’t even want to register the baby shower but we ended up agreeing to do so because some of our guests said it is easier for them that we have a wishlist rather than guessing what to gift us with.


My family’s the first one to arrive at the cafe. My mom and sister helped me with the guest tokens. They’re just small brown bags filled with Hershey’s kisses. When we got to the cafe, there’s a huge wedding cake sample on display, and some really cute baby boy cupcake toppers in royal icing are scattered on the cake table. My sister decided to put the brown bags around the cake tiers and I asked her to take a picture of me while her work is in progress 🙂


And then another friend/partner from Monsees Cafe came and started decorating the tables. She placed flowers and tea light candles on every table and put baby shower book marks with “It’s A Boy” stickers on the floral arrangement.


Breadsticks were also placed in glass bottles and served on every guest table. Soon enough, the buffet spread was ready and upon seeing the food, I got really excited 🙂


Tables were served with dinner rolls that were freshly baked in our brick oven. Everyone also enjoyed free-flowing coffee, hot tea, soda, or iced tea. Let’s go check out the food in detail…


peach danish


blueberry danish (strawberry danish was also served but not in photos)


assorted cold cuts. these are not from monsees cafe (they’re from santi’s) but i wanted them to be served so there ya go 🙂


mashed potatoes


baby back ribs


baked spaghetti (to the right of the ribs)


side dishes: plain rice, java rice (pefect with the baby back ribs) and corn & carrots


roast angus beef! we also had an egg/omelet station but it’s not in photos…


freshly baked baguettes which some guests were able to take home!


and for dessert…. we had flan (oh em gee so good) and cotton cake (my super favorite and was actually complimented by almost everyone)

The party started at 10 in the morning and with guests returning to the buffet spread and enjoying their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th serving, we were only able to wrap up the party with three games that ended past 3pm. My guests enjoyed the food and got comfy with everyone else. I never had problems about guests not being comfortable because they’re seated with people they don’t know. My friends are all friendly and they ended up talking to each other. My mom enjoyed the party so much that she joined my friends’ table and even played games with them! 🙂




While we really just wanted them to be there because hanging out with them before the big day is all that we want, our friends still showered us with so many gifts. Our baby boy is so lucky to that we have generous friends!


I had a really great time at the Coed Baby Shower Party. I loved the food, everything was delicious, and I enjoyed the company of my family and friends. And I’d like to thank everyone who came: my parents, sister, brother in law, nephew Lahi, my in-laws from hubby’s side, friends from high school (Lorenz, Albert, Charles), friends from JGLaw (Maricor, Hera), friends from EMCI (Pam, Tara, Romy, Gio), friends from Integreon (Cherie, Christian, Paola, Bibit),  hubby’s friends from La Salle Greenhills (GP, V-Anne), and cousins Nikka, April, and Gielene. Of course, I also like to thank my friends and partners from Monsees Cafe (Marina, Charles, Karen, Terence), as well as all the staff (Epi, Jeff, Michelle, Billy, Arvin, etc), who tirelessly prepared for this party considering that they just catered a wedding event like two days prior to the baby shower. And last but definitely not the least, I want to thank hubby for coordinating with Monsees Cafe about the menu, the schedule, and guest list.

You guys are so awesome! With some more prayers, we’ll get there in a few weeks  (32 weeks now!) and before we all know it, we’ll be seeing each other again at our baby’s baptism. Hugs and kisses to all of you! 🙂

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