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Food Blogging For A Dream

While I was still in law school, I was always asked “why do you want to be a lawyer?” and my answer has always been “because it is a childhood dream.” It’s an off-the-cuff answer… no thought processes involved whatsoever. You bet I was faking it each time.

Truth of the matter is, my real childhood dream is that where I would wear dainty aprons, bake some pie, neighbors would follow the delicious smell coming out of our kitchen, and then I would bring the pie out off the oven with a wide smile on my face and serve it to my Prince Charming, my skeptical folks, hard-to-please aunts, demanding friends, and practically to anyone who visits our castle!

that's me, munching on junk food.

For an inexplicably long time though, that dream took a back seat because I became a lawyer.

What’s interesting is that this notwithstanding, I would find myself surreptitiously taking photos

of what I ate –

salad with ham cubes and sunny side up (Lattize)

what I cooked at home

Hainanese chicken in the making

where I ate with hubby –

where we ate in NYC (Pizza Town, Gray's Papaya, Angelo & Maxie's Steakhouse, New Wonton Garden)

Or of meals I had with family and friends –

with my sister and nephew during our visit, our fave brekky place Ihop, with my folks on my bday, and with hubby's family

with old friends, hubby's friends, law firm friends, and best friends

It has always been a source of happiness for me to eat, discover, cook, and capture food even if I always get those occasional glances from strangers who seemingly question why I had to take such photos.

And then I realized there’s no meaning to this passion unless it is shared.

So I found myself building this online journal where I post stuff about food. I joined this online community of people who are all passionate about it and they do this thing when they like what you post. What do you call it again? That’s it, buzz!

I made bruschettas and they buzzed it so much it landed on what they called daily top 9 sometime in July.

cream cheese bruschetta w/ blueberry compote

Another time, I made honey roasted chicken and it also made it there sometime in August.

honey garlic turbo roasted chicken

And recently, I got a chance to cook for friends and donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at the same time.

drinks station for FB 24x24 sept 2010

Everything happened in a whirlwind… in like less than three months ago… when I first learned how to operate an oven.

I’m so happy about how things are unfolding lately that I joined this one heap of a fun ride to being the next food blog star! And it’s called Project Food Blog 2010.

For the first challenge, I have to answer the tough question “what defines you as a food blogger?”

To be honest, I have the same tense feeling like when I was asked “why do you want to be a lawyer?” I wish I could bluff again, but nope. Not when I know the answer down to the core of me. And this time around, I am so not faking it.

My childhood dream defines me.

It defines this blog.

It defines every reason why I am blogging.

As this blog grows daily, I feel a constant desire to inspire people to cook… I look forward to learning from other foodies… I value and enjoy this whole online interaction I’m experiencing… and more importantly, I realize that the world is getting smaller because food transcends time and distance. After all, food is a univeral language.

My childhood dream is not too ambitious actually. It simply translates to being able to cook up delicious meals for family and friends out of love, and to inspire other people to share this love to their own family and friends.

Thus, treat this blog as my attempt to connect with and inspire you.

sharing love through food: hubby's favorite breakfast, cheesy pesto omelet

Now here’s another tough question. Why should I be the next food blog star?

If this is not Project Food Blog, I would answer it like a Miss Universe candidate would. But THIS IS  Project Food Blog and I have no room to pretend like I’m someone better or claim to know more about food than anybody else. So let me answer that question the most honest way I know how.

When I first heard about this contest, I wanted the $10,000 cash prize because I plan to use the money to help me start my own restaurant in the Philippines, and the thought about the responsibilities that I would have to face if I indeed win was nothing but consequential.

At the very moment I’m writing this though, the tables have completely turned around in that I’m now least interested with the cash prize and  I’m now more interested with the “ride.”

So –

I deserve to be the next food blog star because I am not treating this whole thing as a competition but a personal challenge to be better. I deserve to be the next food blog star because it is my living proof that dreams do come true if you put your heart into it.

I conquered my fear of baking and came up with my very first baked goodies ~ chocolate cranberry pecan muffins.

I am no chef nor had I any culinary school training. I am a newbie food blogger. I have not won any culinary competition nor attended any conference for that matter. I do not even own a freakin’ DSLR for crying out loud! 😛

What I have are a modest kitchen, a point-and-shoot camera, and a handy-dandy Mac. These are my only tools but I won’t be deterred from doing what I love to do because everything about this blog or this competition boils down to my childhood dream.

*This is my official entry to Project Food Blog 2010 challenge #1. If you believe in dreams and would like me to realize mine, please click on my profile below and vote for me! If your vote can’t get through because you need to register or something, please don’t be a lazy ass. Please register and vote for me because if I win, booze is on me! 😛



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