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Anniversary Lunch @ Marcia Adams

This is a long overdue post and was meant to be published last January 7, our wedding anniversary 🙁 *sniff* so bad at dealing with backlog posts. Anyhoo, I still think it’s worth posting about this quaint little restaurant hidden in Tagaytay for the benefit of those who want to experience something new in the summer capital of the Philippines in Southern Tagalog 🙂

I’ve read about Marcia Adams Restaurant a little more than a year ago and but I always end up leisurely spending time in Tagaytay Highlands rather than actually going there. Thus, I took our 5th anniversary as an opportunity to go to Marcia Adams and treat hubby to a really good lunch.

Marcia Adams is the name of the owner/chef of this restaurant. She is a Filipina who married a foreigner by the name of Neil Adams. They both run the restaurant which they refer to as their “little Tuscany.”  The restaurant was located in the middle of a raw garden and by raw, I really mean a garden that looks like it wasn’t landscaped but was just beautifully grown that way.

The table setting was simple yet dainty. White Martha Stewart plates were laid on the table with hand-embroidered table napkins. They picked fresh flowers from the garden and used them as the table centerpiece. The pitcher that holds the water was covered with a lace that reminded me of my very first crochet project way back in Grade V 🙂

If my estimates are correct, the restaurant can accommodate about 30 persons at the same time. When we went there, we had the small room all by ourselves although there are two tables for two in that small room. We had a good view of the garden and a rice field at the back of the restaurant.

i love the reflection of the garden and the blue skies on the glass 🙂

They print their menu daily based on what’s available from the kitchen but it looks like their signature dishes are always available anyway, except for the Amalfi prawns which they didn’t serve that day. Neil Adams said their supplier ran out of good prawns due to the holidays.

click to enlarge page 1 of Menu
click to enlarge page 2 of Menu

There is a covered charge of P700 which is consumable. For that minimum amount, you can choose your own main dish, appetizer/soup, and dessert from the menu.

And as a welcome treat, they serve freshly baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


I got the Gallician Soup or Caldo Gellego for my soup. It’s a hearty soup with collard greens, white beans, potatoes, and smoked ham. While the soup is of Spanish origins, it’s more of a Latin Caribbean tradition food. This soup is really good!

For the main dish, I got their Grilled Aromatic Pork. It’s grilled pork belly infused with a marriage of aromatic herbs and spices, and served with couscous and pineapple salsa. Neil told us that they get their pork from a backyard hog-raiser who’s now their suki and that they had to teach their supplier how to cut the meat in accordance with their specifications. No wonder the pork belly was less fatty but still tender and flavorful.

I have declared this in Facebook and Twitter and I want to say it again: this is the best grilled pork I’ve ever tasted 🙂 The meat is so succulent. It’s moist, tender and very tasty. And it’s a gi-normous slab of meat so it’s perfect for sharing!

I paired the pork with Marcia Adams’ signature Lemon Bitters drink. It’s a refreshing drink using lemons and limes with a secret ingredient that Marcia didn’t disclose 🙂 I’m going to recreate this drink at home and let you know of the ingredients I used if it turns out well.

For dessert, I ordered Grilled Orange with Vanilla Ice Cream. I like this dessert but I feel that the vanilla ice cream and honey drizzles are an overkill. The orange was already sweet enough and by itself, a perfect way to end the meal. Maybe, the ice cream would play well if you go there during summer.


Hubby got the Pumpkin Soup. It’s a rich soup made of pureed pumpkin. It was creamy and a bit on the sweet side that kinda reminded me of butternut squash. There’s a light hint of cinnamon that enhanced the warmness of the soup.

For his main dish, hubby got Lamb Shish Kebabs served with aromatic white rice. Again, the meat was juicy and cooked to perfection. According to Neil, it’s a surprise that lamb is considered a “luxurious” meat in the Philippines because back in his hometown (I think he’s from Australia, but I’m not so sure so I’ll ask Neil about that when we go back), lamb was somewhat like a staple meat and not so expensive.

Hubby paired his lamb with a bottle of Bundaberg Peachee. This is a non-alcoholic beer from Australia that tastes so good I can drink it without limit. I am not a beer drinker but this beer makes me wanna 🙂

For dessert, hubby got the Key Lime Panna Cotta.  The panna cotta did not settle quite as firmly as most panna cottas I’ve seen. It’s so squishy 🙂 *reminds me of my World of Warcraft mage who dies a lot I had to call it squishy* The lime sauce, however, is a real winner. It’s sweet and tangy and tastes so good I wish they’d sell it in bottles so I could take home some with me!

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Marcia Adams and would definitely go back there again. I’m actually thinking of going there at least once a month 😛 Seriously, I highly recommend the restaurant to family and friends. This is one of those places that I wish would never “commercialize.” As much as I want more people to discover this place, there’s a part of me that hopes that Marcia Adams Restaurant wouldn’t change its concept if only to accommodate more people.

And as if they don’t want to run out on anything pretty, they put our bill inside this beautiful purse. It’s so cute I wish I could take it home with me 😛

Now, for those of you who are convinced that you should pick up your car now and head all the way to Tagaytay:

Head to Tagaytay until  you pass by the arch with Pineapples near Residence Inn. Immediately after the arch, there’s a small road to your right with a post full of signs, one of which is the sign going to Ville Sommet. It’s really a small road and you might lose it so I suggest you drive slowly once you’re nearing the “pineapple” arch. Upon turning right, look for a wooden door that reminds you of Tuscany at the left, about 100-150 meters from the junction. That’s Marcia Adams Restaurant 🙂

JP Rizal St., Brgy. Sikat, Alfonso, Cavite


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