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Brunch Buffet at Monsees Bakery & Cafe

Last May 13, Monsees Cafe celebrated Mother’s Day with a brunch / dinner buffet for only P399. It also came with a lize jazz band and flowers for moms. The place was jampacked and we got lots of inquiries as to when the next buffet’s gonna be. What I can suggest for now is that you follow Monsees Cafe in Facebook and Twitter so that you can receive promo updates. We’re also launching our new and improved menu this June so it’s going to be really exciting at the shop.

In the meantime, let me share with you some photos taken during the buffet and hope that you drop by Monsees Cafe one of these days 🙂


Menu consisted of fresh fruits, cereals, assorted breads with butter and Monsees fruit jams, toasts and maple syrup, fresh fruit salad, congee, champorado, plain rice, garlic rice, eggs cooked on the spot (omelet, scrambled, sunny side up), Monsees homemade ham (carving station), lamaiyo (fish), bacon, corned beef, and sausages.

fresh fruits [apples, ripe mangoes, bananas]

brunch buffet spread

cereals [honey/chocolate], fresh milk, and assorted toppings at the back [walnuts and raisins]
croissants, different kinds of loaf bread [white and whole wheat], butter and Monsees fruit jams [strawberry, kiwi, apple & cranberry]. the fruit jams are also sold at the shop for only P180 per jar.

toasts served with maple syrup

dinner rolls, kaiser buns, etc.

breads and fresh fruit salad

croissants, loaves, toasts, and assorted danish pastries

congee with hard-boiled eggs and spring onions

champorado or the Filipino chocolate rice porridge

lamayo is made of danggit that has been brined and air-dried


corned beef hash

eggs are cooked on the spot

the fillings for the omelet were bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, ham, and cheese

Monsees special homemade ham

the brunch buffet started at 9am. they’re our very first guests that day.


The menu for dinner consisted of fresh fruits, assorted breads with butter and Monsees fruit jams, congee, soup, champorado, plain rice, java rice, classic caesar salad, parmesan fish rolls, bistek Filipino, pork adobo sa manggang hilaw (adobo in green mango), chicken wings, three types of pasta (baked spaghetti bolognese, classic pesto, and carbonara), chocolate cake, apple walnut loaf, and crusted leche flan.

a look at the dinner buffet spread

Monsees fruit jams and assorted breads

soup and congee

plain rice, java rice, champorado

classic caesar salad

parmesan fish rolls

bistek Filipino

pork adobo sa manggang hilaw

chicken wings

baked spaghetti bolognese

classic pesto


chocolate cake

apple & walnut loaf! they’re called crusted leche flan.

imagine bread pudding using croissants on top and leche flan at the bottom. oh my goodness!

the dinner buffet was from 6pm-10pm

live jazz music

Monsees Cafe is located at 118 Katipunan Avenue, Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City. For catering/events/reservations, you may get in touch with us via the following:

Check out the photo below for directions on how to get there:


  • Adora

    Hi Jan. I was home recently and saw this place while in a traffic queue. I would have jumped out had I known what was inside. I would head straight to the fish. Beautiful food and setting.

    • janiscooking

      hi Adora! we should really be putting up a more visible signage out there 🙂 next time you come back for a visit, let me know so that we can catch up or something. would love to meet you!

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