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Cafe Milflores…finally, something cute in Batangas!

Nestled outside Batangas City’s basilica and a few hops off from the city’s plaza is a little cafe that looks very pleasant and inviting. It’s called Cafe Milflores and it’s located along P. Dandan St. in Batangas City.

We went there a few months ago but we weren’t able to come in because they’re already closed. It’s sad because it’s a cafe and it was already closed when we got there around 9PM or so. Now you know how early people from the provinces sleep at night 😛 So if you check the place out, make sure you come in early.

The first thing you’ll see when you enter is the counter where displays of cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and cookies are up for sale.

In one end of the cafe is the sofa where guests can lounge in. I feel that the balloons are misplaced though 🙂

At the opposite end of the sofa is a nook filled with tiny souvenirs and candies.

It’s a small cafe and the chairs and tables are just sprawled in between the sofa and the souvenir nook.

So what do I think about the place?

I’m no expert when it comes to design and my tastes in cafe designs vary from time to time. Inasmuch as the cafe didn’t try to be just like the famous American corporate chain (yep, I’m talking about Starbucks and the like), I admire their choice of concept.

If I may digress, I’d just like to tell you that there is another cafe in Batangas City called Hot N Cold which I first tried last January 2011. That one follows the usual cafe designs we see and it would have been forgettable had we not looked for a place that has wi-fi in Batangas. Hot N Cold has wifi so we went there last weekend and much to our surprise, the food improved a lot since our last visit and they now show films/movies via a projector (well, they got plus points because they were showing Kung Fu Panda on the night we were there) 😛

So, as I was saying, I felt that the design concept for Cafe Milflores was a great choice. It fits the place perfectly. However, there were elements that I felt should not be there. I mentioned the balloons. I know the pink and white balloons are cute but I don’t know why they’re there.

The place makes me wanna have an afternoon tea party there but I’m a little lost on how to connect the image of coffee which, for me is supposed to be strong and robust, vis-a-vis the cute and delicate interiors of the cafe.

I haven’t been to London and I don’t know how a typical English cafe looks like but I have clear images of cafes that I’ve been to and more or less, I can sense if there are elements that are not faithful to the general theme/design. The owners display family photos of their travels on the walls or on the tables and if I remember it well, I’ve seen one taken in Disneyland Hong Kong and another one in Senado Square in Macau. Well, that’s too far from London.

I guess a little fine-tuning of the details is needed but at the end of the day, I still loved the place and it made me smile. It’s a happy place to be in 🙂 That plus the warmth of the pastry chef who went out of his way to offer us a great spot in the cafe.

Now, the food.  I know, I know, I’m too ashamed to admit that I tried the desserts even if I’m in the Cohen program 🙁

Hubby got the blueberry cheesecake and he was not impressed. I shared the same sentiment. If hubby and I were to pick our favorite cheesecakes, Junior’s and The Cheesecake Factory’s would always top our list. As for cheesecakes, I guess we’re hard to please :PSadly, the blueberry cheesecake from Cafe Milflores disappointed us. It’s like eating gelatin instead of a cheesecake. The blueberry topping isn’t flavorful at all. Considering that we’re in Batangas, a slice of cheesecake above P90 isn’t cheap and it’s a waste spending it on this cheesecake.

Umma (mom in Korean :P) got the Toblerone cheesecake. Again, this one is gelatinous in texture which is disappointing. However, I kinda liked it because it somehow felt like I’m eating chocolate mousse. It’s much better than the blueberry cheesecake but this is not to say that it’s a winner. Again, it’s not cheap and I think you’d get more worth for your penny if you just try a different dessert.

Appa (dad in Korean) got the Banana Cream Pie. Now, now, if we weren’t impressed with the cheesecakes, we were very happy with this one. I have a different version of banana cream pie and I’d say that this is another great version that I’d be happy to give a try. I like the chocolatey crust which blended well with the toffee, the vanilla cream layer, and the marshmallow-ey whipped cream top. Love love love this one… really. I may have been disappointed with the cheesecakes but whenever a dish pleases me, I’m a very proud and happy customer. And only because of their banana cream pie, I’m gonna recommend Cafe Milflores to all my friends 🙂

Their coffee is nothing spectacular. Actually, this one is just brewed coffee. However, there’s something about this coffee that makes me feel at home. I didn’t get a chance to ask if they’re using kapeng barako but my cup tasted just as good. It’s a great match for the banana cream pie. I brought my own sucralose but I like that they serve their coffee with muscovado sugar. And that’s another plus point for their coffee 🙂

All in all, despite some design elements I didn’t like and the cheesecake failures, I still enjoyed our visit to Cafe Milflores. I will be trying their other dishes next time. Finally, there’s a cute place in Batangas where we can hang out with friends and if ever you’re in Batangas, you may want to drop by this cafe too.

P.S. There’s royalty before the entrance and guess who’s there 😛

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