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This is the last post for my Macau series and it’s always good to save the best for last 🙂 Let’s talk about food, baby!


Bambu serves Asian buffet at the Venetian in Macau. The restaurant serves excellent Southeast Asian and regional Chinese dishes. They got a great variety of seafood like oysters, snow crab legs, tuna and salmon, and of course, their delectable desserts.

But for me, I loved their dim sums the most! Their shrimp dim sums and har-gow (hakaw) are superb and not to forget, their soft, warm char siu buns! Love love love their dim sums 🙂 It’s just sad that I wasn’t able to take photos of the food 🙁 I didn’t see anyone taking pictures of the food during the time we’re there so I thought it must not be allowed. We do have family photos taken by our sweet attendant though (with my lips soaked in fats :P)  but that’s just about it.

Anyhow, Google is replete with links to great photos of the food in Bambu so you might want to check them out if you’re really curious. I really recommend you having your lunch there because their food is really great! Two thumbs up 🙂


A few posts ago, I talked about Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong selling the best egg tarts in Hong Kong. Well, in Macau, the best egg tarts are claimed to be from Pasteleria Koi Kei (not from Lord Stow’s I heard). Actually, you can find Koi Kei Bakery scattered all over Macau and tourists flock to their stores and leave with their hands full of huge bags of goodies!

Pasteleria Koi Kei sells an extensive array of cookies and pastries that you can sample for free! It’s a running joke among tourists that you can actually tour for less in Macau because shuttle service is free and there are lots of free food samples that you can try in Koi Kei 🙂 What I got from the bakery though are not pastries but freshly made savory pork jerkies. I think they’re good but comparing them with the dry ones I got from Bangkok, I’d say that I like the Bangkok jerkies more. Still, they’re worth a try when you’re in Macau.


Wong Chi Kei is one of the popular restaurants around Senado Square. You can find it just across McDonald’s. When you look from the entrance, you might get the impression that the place is small. Don’t be afraid to go in because they have more tables in the other floors upstairs. I’m not sure exactly how many floors they have but I can tell you that I’ve seen that there are at least three.

One thing I find cute is that they have food elevators per floor 😛

Wong Chi Kei is famous for hand-made noodles using using bamboo sticks. Their famous dish is the shrimp roe noodles which most travelers say are al dente noodles served with shrimp roe sprinkled on top. However, it was so cold when we went there so I didn’t order the shrimp roe noodles. I got another favorite, the shrimp noodle soup which they served with their complimentary house tea.

I can’t say that they’re the best shrimp noodle soup I’ve had but I can say that they got the best noodles I’ve tried. The noodles were perfectly cooked… not too soft, not too firm, and they bounce perfectly if you squeeze them lightly between your fingers. Really al dente!


Wong Chi Kei is open daily from 3PM to1:30AM. It’s one of those places that you must go to when you are in Macau 🙂

So there ya go. That ends my series of posts for my last trip to Hong Kong and Macau and just so that you find them in one place, I’ll publish a summary for you in my next post. 🙂

Happy eating!

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