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It's All About Tea at Chatime!

Yesterday (June 12) was Independence Day here in the Philippines and there’s massive sale throughout different malls! Good thing hubby and I started early by attending Mass in SM Megamall (it’s a televised healing mass apparently) and because we’re early, we didn’t have problems with parking. Hurray! 😛

So after I got my credit card-swiping binge fixed, we headed to Pioneer Center, a grocery store near our place, and discovered something really cool.

It’s a place that’s completely about tea and it’s called Chatime 🙂

Chatime opened its first Philippine outlet of the famous Taiwanese pop milk tea chain last February in Quezon City near Banawe. Their branch in Pioneer Center was opened last April 2.

About 70 variations of milk teas, smoothies, fresh Oriental teas, mousses and special blends are offered. There’s also a great selection of toppings to choose from. Servings come in regular and large sizes and most of their drinks are priced below a hundred bucks.

We got the pearl milk tea which, according to their staff, comes highly recommended. They got the hot and cold variety and we got one of each. We were also asked to tell them how much sugar we want in the milk tea – they got regular, 70% or 50% less sugar, and 0% sugar.

Because it’s a pearl milk tea, we naturally had tapioca pearls. The other choices for the inclusions are grass jelly, nata de coco, rainbow jelly, red beans, etc.

At first glance, Chatime in Pioneer Center only appears to be a kiosk. Don’t be fooled by that appearance because in reality, there’s a whole second floor of lovely interiors waiting for you inside. I love the colors and their comfy sofas.

When we went there, everyone was at the ground floor causing it to be jampacked. They probably didn’t realize that there’s a second floor but hey, more for us! We got the whole place for ourselves 😛

It’s a perfect place to hangout with friends or alone. You wouldn’t get bored because they got wifi so you can surf away as you enjoy a great cup of milk tea.

So there ya go. If you’re into milk tea, you might want to try Chatime. It’s a great alternative to Bubble Tea. Hope to bump into you there 🙂


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