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Milky & Sunny… Evening Brekky, Why Not?

Last night, hubby and I went out to grab a copy of the November-December issue of Look Magazine where a friend and fellow foodie/blogger, Tangled Noodle, wrote an article about the new diet plans out there. She interviewed me about the Cohen diet and she included snippets of our convo in her article. And on this note [apologies for this plug], I’d like to invite you to grab a copy of Look Magazine if you can 🙂

Anyhow… the nearest bookstore to our place is just along Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong and since we’re already in the hood, we decided to drive around Brgy. Kapitolyo in Pasig to look for a place to have dinner. Then we saw this little resto called Milky & Sunny. From the name itself, I already knew they’d be serving breakfast food.

The place is really small. It can probably sit around 16-20 persons comfortably. Anything more than and it will start to feel like you’re sardines in a shoebox. But there are little details in the store that are quite pretty to look at even if I feel that the design is more suitable for a laundromat-cafe concept in that it got me to imagine myself entering into a laundry room and feeling fuzzy about that sweet, fresh, powdery scent of clean clothes. Then again, as I said, the details are cute… laundromat or not 🙂

They have paintings for sale too.

Let’s check out the food.

We ordered their BLT Soup (Php80). It was okay. I got nothing much to say.

Then we also got the breakfast big plate (Php250). Nuninuninu.

Eh, this is really worth two hundred fifty pey-sos?

Ayt. I love meals like this one. Even if it’s mediocre in flavors or taste, I would still eat it. But I don’t feel like we should get ripped off like that. This underwhelming breakfast plate doesn’t taste like P250. Corned beef didn’t taste like it’s premium. Sausage was so-so and it was too dry. The bacon, well, it could have been the best part of the dish but with just two tiny pieces? Uhm, not convinced. The bread slices weren’t even toasted and the frozen butter wouldn’t and couldn’t melt on the bread. The hash potatoes were okay but it’s so supermarket-frozen foods-section material.

This meal right there which I prepared for hubby, sans the corned beef and sausage which I can just easily take out of the fridge and pop into a pan, tasted a lot better. My photo might not justify the taste but it is a meal prepared with effort and may even be sold for P250 for the effort put into preparing French toasts, creamy scrambled eggs, and homemade pancake syrup.

In short, we felt that the breakfast plate from Milky & Sunny wasn’t priced right. Quality-wise it’s not even good. I hope they would re-review their prices. This wouldn’t even match Pancake House’s Bacon and Cheese Medley (2 pieces cheese pancakes with sunny side up egg, crispy bacon strips, and coffee or juice) which only costs about P220. And that’s already a Pancake House meal!

We also got brewed coffee, P80. I don’t think I’m supposed to say anything about it coz it’s just brewed coffee, right? 😀 But just to say something about it, fine, the coffee’s okay.

And fresh orange juice, P100. No further comment.

The wait staff told me that they’ve been there for barely three months. On a side comment, kudos to the wait staff because they were friendly, attentive and very courteous. As for the food though, there’s a lot of room for improvement especially about the pricing strategy. It’s a neighborhood restaurant and they don’t really have a specialty that they can call their own. What they serve is just a mix-up of everyone’s favorite breakfast made available all day. It’s not like it’s something we can’t do at home. I hope they could improve on the quality of their food or at least price them in such a way that the customers can feel that they’re getting their money’s worth.

I agree with a friend who said that to be underwhelmed with something that has been so hyped-up by celebrities and bloggers is not a good thing. But I guess that’s just the way it is. I may rave over something that some of you might not like, in the same way that they are raving about Milky & Sunny while I wasn’t impressed. It still boils down to the palate of each and every customer. But if you ever drop by their resto, please let me know what you think 🙂


    • janiscooking

      hi jay, thanks for dropping by. not affordable in my opinion. a breakfast platter costs P250. masarap, ok lang but i hoped worth it sana in terms of “sarap” yung P250 but it wasn’t. i heard masarap daw tapsilog and i didn’t get to try that because i can’t eat rice. maybe that’s something that can redeem our not so good first time. let me know if na-try mo na milky & sunny 🙂

  • Anne

    BF and I ate here last Saturday since it was one of the few places open. We both had egg(s) benedict (180pesos) which is one small, over-poached egg over a piece of spinach, cheese, a slice of tomato and half an english muffin. It was overpriced and cold. Gross. We had a side of bacon for 40pesos (2 shriveled pieces) and BLT soup (80pesos) which wasn’t good either. The cashier was helping out the nice waitress but the cashier was really rude to the family sitting behind us. Not a good place and won’t be coming back. Blech.

    • janiscooking

      sad but that’s what we felt during our first visit too. not a good place coz it’s really small plus the food was mediocre. i heard that their tapsilog is good though. maybe i will come back to at least try that but i doubt if it’s something that can redeem our bad first experience. and we also share the same observation that their meals are overpriced, noh? oh well, let’s just hope they improve 🙂 thanks for dropping by Anne!

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