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Moonsee’s Chefs and Bakers, now Monsees Cafe in White Plains, Quezon City, is owned and operated by a fellow lawyer and friend, Marina, who has a passion for baking and good food. Despite being a lawyer, she still pursued a course in bakery and pastry arts at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). When asked if she misses lawyering, she told me that instead, she’s thinking that she should have done this (Monsees) a long time ago. *idol!* I really admire people like Marina and I’m hoping that one day, I’d get to say I don’t need to be a lawyer because I’m already doing what I love best 🙂

Monsees is known for their Spanish bread and celebrities flock to their shop or weekend stall in Powerplant Mall just to hoard heaps of them. According to Marina, Monsees prides itself with being able to maintain the highest standards for baked products. They don’t scrimp on ingredients and make use of only the highest quality.

Monsees is a simple cafe that stands true to what it does best: breads and baked goodies. When you enter the restaurant, you’ll already smell the aroma of freshly baked bread coming out of the kitchen. Actually, they bake breads at regular intervals during the day and you’re lucky if their breads, especially Spanish bread, are not sold out 🙂

Aside from breads, Monsees also makes great cakes and pastries. We got the Blueberry and Double Chocolate muffins which are so big and so yummy that hubby and I finished them in one go 🙂

They have a “free taste” area  inside but trust me, everything is delicious you can just hit up the counter and point to whatever lure your eyes.

Okay, so one afternoon, hubby and I visited Marina at her restaurant who, by the way, agreed that Monsees will sponsor PinoyFoodista’s February Cooking Challenge! 🙂 That wasn’t the first time hubby went there (and he’s lucky to have always been eating for free! heh) and he surprised me by not telling me that I was in for a real gastronomic treat.

We ordered two paninis. The first one is hubby’s favorite, Grilled Cheese Panini. There’s a variety of cheeses used but I do note Provolone. It was served with a salad which my hubby brands as having the best vinaigrette 🙂 And I do agree. I think the salad can compete well with Cyma’s Roka Salata.

I got the Italiano Panini which also came with the same salad. Marina told us that everything in our plate was prepared and/or cooked by her and her team. Yes, from the salad to the bread to the meat to the dressing… and even the mayonnaise. No wonder we can taste the freshness of every item on our plate.

You might find that the menu in Monsees changes regularly. It’s true. Marina told us that they feature different dishes at the cafe so that their regulars would always be surprised with something new. Of course, they keep their best-sellers in the menu but it’s the new dishes that really excite me. Like that afternoon, they’re experimenting on the Cebu lechon Marina got as a present. And she surprised us with their unique Lechon Carbonara!

Their carbonara’s already delicious but with lechon?! Man, that was genius! Now, let’s hope that they serve that at the Cafe 🙂

For a sweet ending, Marina suggested that we try their special Brazo De Mercedes. It’s a special log cake made of a sheet of soft meringue with a luscious custard filling. Their brazo was freshly baked then topped with a special warm vanilla sauce. It’s not too sweet and the warm vanilla sauce really made a huge difference. Now, I’m beginning to wonder why people ever rave about the frozen brazo 😛

And last but definitely not the least, in fact I’m thinking we saved the best for last :P, Marina took out their Super Moist Chocolate Cake.

I don’t think the picture gave it justice at all because as you can see, it just looks like a piece of a chocolate loaf smothered with some chocolate sauce. But in reality, it’s one of the most decadent and super moist chocolate cakes I’ve ever tried. I asked her about the recipe but of course, Marina couldn’t give that away! She recalled the countless number of times she tried to get that perfect moist chocolate cake. Hey, practice makes perfect 🙂 And as if it’s not good enough, the chocolate cake was topped with a warm ganache that’s so sinfully good!

Overall, it was a really great gastronomic experience we had over at Monsees. If you’re not convinced yet, check out a great review of Monsees by another great foodie or check out our feature over at PinoyFoodista 🙂 So there, if you want to discover all the good food offered by Monsees, here’s how you can reach them:

Monsees Cafe, 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City.

Contact Jeffrey Ramos or Fabian Soliman for orders: 352-6721 / 387-1676 / 749-2795 / 0915-231-3439. 



Monsees Cafe will partner with PinoyFoodista for the February Cooking Challenge!

The winner will be entitled to a dinner or lunch for two at Monsees Cafe, a limited edition PinoyFoodista shirt from Team Spirit Sports Apparel, and a feature spread in PinoyFoodista.

Stay tuned for the mechanics. Everyone’s invited to join!




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