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RestoReview: C2

Last Sunday night, hubby and I went to SM Megamall to scout for good LCD TVs. We didn’t notice the time because we were busy comparing prices, specs, features, and all that. We got too hungry to leave the mall so we decided to just eat there. We’ve seen C2 for a while now but we’ve never really eaten there. I’d say it was a good decision to have dinner at C2 because had we been to a different resto, we wouldn’t have discovered for ourselves just how great the food in C2 are.

Hugry as we were, we actually just ordered two adobos: C2’s complete chicken adobo and adobong sitaw 😛

C2’s complete chicken adobo basically is chicken stew with hard boiled egg, fried banana, tomatoes and atchara. Their chicken adobo was good but I will not be caught dead craving for it. I feel like it’s a confused dish. The hard-boiled egg is a good addition because it’s the usual thing that’s paired with adobo. But the fried bananas? It’s just weird. I was also waiting the sourness of vinegar to kick in but it didn’t come. The taste was more like of chicken a la pobre. It wasn’t a bad dish but I prefer a simple chicken adobo. One that is cooked three ways and has hard-boiled egg and laurel leaves.

We also another adobo, this time, adobong sitaw. It’s a dish made of tender string beans that are tossed with shrimps and crispy bagnet in spicy soy-vinear mix, and finished with coconut milk. Now, now, this one is a winner. Had we expected this to come with the crunchy bagnet and shrimps, we would have not ordered the chicken adobo 😛 The soy-vinegar mix was good and the coconut milk added a rich flavor to it. The coconut wasn’t overpowering though. It was a perfect balance. I will go back to C2 for this!

 And for dessert, nobody should leave C2 without ordering Bibingka Souffle, right? 🙂 It tastes like your favorite bibingka, but better… by a hundred degrees. It’s a light and fluffy blend of coconut custard, red egg, quezo de bola and toasted coconut. They advise to dig a hole into the souffle and to pour the egg, cheese, coconut mixture inside. But I, the one with a low emotional quotient when it comes to food, could not care less with how it’s supposed to be done. It’s food and I will enjoy it any which way 🙂 I got my part of the souffle on my plate and smothered it with the mixture and voila! My taste buds were extremely happy 🙂

Overall, C2 is indeed a great place to bring your family and friends to for that quick yet very creative and filling native dish fix.

We went to this C2 branch:

3rd Level Mega Atrium, Building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Tel #s (63-2) 470-1149,  470-1152.

You can call and ask if there’s a branch in a mall near you 🙂

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