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Subspace Cafe

After watching What’s Your Number? with hubby, we headed to this much talked-about cafe in Ortigas called Subspace Cafe. I asked my officemate for the location and finding it was no hassle. It’s in Cityland building along Emerald Avenue. There are so many blogs out there that highly recommend this place not just for the coffee or pastries or savory pies, but also for its interiors. However, as with beauty, appreciation will always be in the eye of the beholder. And in  my case, while I enjoyed the short moment I spent with hubby in a cafe that’s new to both of us, I can’t say that I share the same appreciation for its food and interiors.

I didn’t take enough pictures because there’s really nothing in there that yells awesomeness. True, it’s not like the usual cafes we frequently go to and the interiors do try to make a statement but the place just didn’t make me jump up and down. Thing is, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on Korean cafes for my Seoul trip in March next year and I’ve seen a lot of cafes in K-dramas or in KBS/SBS/Arirang. In that aspect, I can’t help but compare and I felt that the place is just trying too hard. Then again, I’m just talking about how it appealed to me.

Apart from that, it’s really just a small cafe. It’s so small that during the one hour we were there, about 4-5 people entered and left because there were no seats available. And there were just about 8 customers inside. Yup, it’s that small.

We got a cup of tea and a small cappuccino. Nothing spectacular but we badly needed something hot because it was freezing inside the cinema.

We don’t know what they usually serve with coffee but during our visit, we didn’t have enough options to choose from. The lowest ref rack was almost empty and the cakes/pastries and turnovers didn’t look fresh. Still, we opted to get a cream cheese Danish. It’s the only thing that satisfied me. I liked the texture of the Danish pastry and the cream cheese complemented it well.

All in all, I wouldn’t feel that I’m missing out on a lot of things even if I didn’t go to Subspace Cafe. I felt that it’s not worth the traffic and parking fee (we parked near Strata 100). While some bloggers highly recommend this cafe, I probably will just assure you that it’s okay if you don’t go because you can find better cafes out there. Still, in case you wanna feel like you’re “in” and add up to the success of social media marketing, feel free to visit the Cafe. Who knows you might like your experience there.

That’s all for now. Be safe everyone 🙂

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  • skiptomalou

    So definitely this is not where we are going to meet haha… I really can’t wait for that “meet up!” I know Manila has other hip places we could go to right?
    Happy weekend!

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