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Suzhou Dimsum in San Juan

I should have posted about this last April (it’s been sitting in my Drafts for the last three months!) and I’m sorry for not posting this on time. Now, I have forgotten about the details of the food and how much we paid for them. Maybe I’m implying that the restaurant is forgettable but seriously, there’s nothing I could remember as outstanding from among the three dishes we ordered. Or maybe, it’s time for another visit to Suzhou Dimsum in San Juan 🙂

I am not in the know as to what really makes a dish strictly Taiwanese or what makes one strictly Chinese but if my recollection is correct (and my tastebuds too), Suzhou scales to the Taiwanese side. Ofcourse there’s a lot of Chinese influences when it comes to Taiwanese cooking but having tried Hunan and Cantonese, I don’t feel comfortable branding Suzhou Dimsum generally as a Chinese restaurant. It is, for me, a Taiwanese restaurant (just to differentiate their dishes from the kinds you’d normally taste from North Park, Super Bowl, or even Mongkok) 😛

If there’s one thing Suzhou Dimsum is famous for, it’s their Xialongbaos. They’re baozis (buns) cooked in xiaolongs (small steaming baskets) and are often called soup dumplings because when you open them, the juices from the filling come pouring out.

We also got their spicy fried chicken. I remember dipping it in their chili garlic sauce for an added kick 🙂

Ofcourse, we didn’t forget to get rice 🙂 We got their Suzhou fried rice which is their version of the yang chow fried rice. Do you know that yang chow fried rice surprisingly did not originate from Yangzhou?

To quench our thirst, we got their iced Chinese fruit tea. I love this kind of iced tea and I’m gonna search for recipes on how to do it at home.

We went to the San Juan branch which is near Polytechnic University of the Philippines (is it along Mabini St?). Pardon me for not getting the address correctly. They also have branches in Greenhills Promenade and Malate :). You may want to give the restaurant a try 🙂

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